Daniel Sprick

Daniel Sprick: Portraits

Video Length: 9 Hours 6 Minutes

Highlights of Portraits with Daniel Sprick:

  • ‘See’ painting through Daniel Sprick’s eyes
  • Ensure features are in the right place
  • Bring out the story of an individual - powerful!
  • Daniel’s “Mr. Magoo” technique that will cut out 90% of what you see!
  • Discover Daniel’s thoughts on art
  • How Daniel adds ‘connoisseurship’ to turn his art into magnificent masterpieces
  • What Daniel does to find the ‘esoteric secrets of the soul’
  • Why hair is like river currents, and how to apply it to your portraits
  • How tiny and subtle brushstrokes can bring form and life to the face
  • Daniel’s “Mirror Trick” to manipulate light
  • Foundations of painting that you can apply virtually anywhere
  • Discover Daniel’s most valuable painting tool EVER!
  • Watch how Daniel portrays “ethereal beauty” in his portraits 

You’ll also enjoy:

  • An Insights from the Artist segment
  • Exhibit of Daniel’s works
  • High-speed View of the demonstration painting
  • A special tour of Dan’s studio

Many artists don’t feel they’re successful if they haven’t mastered portraits.

There’s so much to consider in portrait work…

Complex 3-dimensional form…

Capturing features accurately so that everything is in proportion...

Representing the subject’s character and emotion…

And that’s not all…

With realism, you must also think about skin texture, hair detailing, how the light falls on the subject…

And then all of the usual decisions about design, color, composition…

This video course allows you to study with one of today’s portrait greats — Daniel Sprick.

Filmed in Daniel’s large, open, and naturally lit home studio in Denver, Colorado, you’ll feel as though you’re right with Daniel and his model friend, who is also an artist.

You’ll hear their dialogue about this specific demonstration painting as well as art in general — it’ll be as though you’re hanging out with them in the studio! The best part is that you can pause the video to allow yourself time to absorb the lessons.

Portraits with Daniel Sprick is your opportunity to experience portraits through the lens of Daniel’s unique thought process, giving you insights that could transform the way you approach your painting.

Dan is also going to teach you how to have a strong foundation for your painting, no matter what your preferred subject is. 

You’ll see the materials, tools, and types of paint he uses to create his masterpieces.

You’ll discover his techniques for how to create a harmonious and expressive picture that brings out the hidden beauty of your subject.

And he’s also going to give you a masterclass on the value of values, color temperature, and “edge control” that is going to cement your understanding of portrait painting even more.

You’ll learn how to work from generalities (big shapes), and how to slowly “sculpt” them into more specific depictions. (I believe this is what makes Dan so unique.)

Who is This Masterclass For?

This masterclass is perfect for oil painters who want to accelerate the pace of their learning and greatly raise the quality of their paintings. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, you’ll see things no other painter has to offer.

Learning from Dan will give you a big advantage over your peers, helping you and your artwork stand out. 

You see, there’s a tendency among painters to do the same things, and that makes their paintings look the same as everybody else’s.

When you see Dan paint, it’s like he’s catching something else, totally different, that not many artists can see. Which may be why Daniel Sprick has had major museum shows, has been featured in a PBS documentary, and is considered one of the premier artists in the world.

Noticing that many painters don’t get their proportions correct, even after painting most of their lives, you’ll see how Dan does it so well. 

Using Dan’s techniques, you’ll get your proportions on point so they’ll look as accurate as possible. This alone will really boost the look and feel of your work. 

Finally, Dan will show you how to understand how light works and how it affects your painting, along with tips and strategies guaranteed to make you an even better portrait painter.

You’ll discover new and different ways to interpret details and include them in your paintings. Seeing portraits through new eyes will broaden your skills and help you create artwork that stands above.

Chapter Breakdown

  • Introduction
  • Drawing and Background
  • General Block-in
  • Mix Skin Tones and Develop Form
  • Refine the Drawing
  • Work Up to the Features
  • Gradual Changes and Details
  • Adjustments
  • Upper Arms and Body
  • Hair
  • Finish the painting



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