Kim Casebeer

Kim Casebeer: Dramatic Light

Video Length: 5 Hours 8 Minutes

Here’s some of what you get with this video:

  • Premixing your paint takes time to save time (makes sense, right?)
  • How brushstrokes spice up your painting
  • Why quiet passages add drama
  • How grayscale markers add value to your painting
  • Thumbnail sketching is a blockbuster idea
  • Direction of sunlight is critical to believability
  • Atmosphere or objects? Which one rules?
  • One way to save time when painting ( worth the price of the video)
  • Painting across a mass or with a mass? Who knew?
  • Why the way you hold a brush matters
  • Focusing on the focal area (what a good idea!)
  • The importance of quiet in a painting
  • FIVE hours of high-quality instruction
  • An interview with the artist
  • A high-speed view for the times you’re in a hurry
  • A show of the artist's best work
  • And lots more!


I’m about to show you how to overcome wimpy painting problems so you can bring in strong light, an exciting feel, and create art that begs people from across a crowded room to come take a look! 

As a publisher of art magazines, instructional videos, conferences, and many other types of art events, I’m able to spot wimpy paintings from a mile away. It always makes me sad to see an artist submit a painting for a publication — a painting they feel is one of their best — and it turns out to be wimpy. These paintings usually lack light, don’t express drama, and have zero pizzazz. Truth be told, wimpy paintings very rarely, if ever, make it into any of our magazines or online offerings.

But please understand, the whole wimpy painting problem is not your fault! You probably aren’t even recognizing the problem because no one ever had the guts to tell you the truth, or you’ve never had an instructor who knew how to provide the valuable feedback and help that you’ve so desperately needed.

Look around, most paintings we see blend in.

You want to be a painter that stands out.”

For this video, I personally invited master landscape artist Kim Casebeer to lead you in overcoming your painting’s current state of wimpiness so you can instead create paintings that are bursting with gorgeous light, interesting drama, and life! 

In this exceptional new video, Kim makes the process very clear. Chances are, once you see this, you’ll never even think of making wimpy paintings again. In fact, when I was looking over the final footage, I picked up where my old instructor left off, and it’s already making a difference in my own paintings. 

You can paint along as Kim shows you how to build a landscape painting that will give you shivers. You’ll see every step from start to finish, and the light and drama will be stuck in your head forever. 

Painting Atmosphere and Light, Not Just Objects

Have you ever been outside and stopped cold in your tracks by a scene you just had to paint?

Ever paint it and realize it did not live up to the feeling you had when you first saw it? Kim says that feeling comes from the impression the scene holds in the light and atmosphere rather than just the objects you see. 

This is a concept that can transform your paintings from descriptive, lifeless landscapes to breathtaking paintings that express what you’re feeling. How cool would it be to learn that?

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