Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica: Acrylic Painting Value Techniques Fast Loose and Bold

Video Length: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Improve your acrylic painting value techniques with fast, loose, and bold instruction from Patti Mollica!

Join Patti Mollica and learn the true value of values in your acrylic painting! Follow Patti's process for creating simple value plans that will be a springboard for successful paintings.

Patti will first teach you the importance of values, then she'll lead you through three different value plan exercises. In the three exercises, you'll use only three values and learn that there are many ways to interpret the same subject. With each exercise you'll explore a different value plan, and in doing so you'll understand how easy it is to portray a subject simply while still conveying a strong message. After you master the basics with the three value plan exercises, you'll follow along with Patti and convert one of your value studies into color, step by step.

Preview Acrylic Painting Value Techniques, Fast, Loose and Bold now and learn how to simplify value into just black, white, and gray. Plus, discover tips for simplifying what you see and developing a strong, confident composition.


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