Anne Bagby

Anne Bagby: Pattern & Form: Advanced Collage Techniques

Video Length: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

With Anne Bagby's forward-thinking, experimental approach to mixed media, you never get stuck in a rut. 

Anne always sees room for improvement, and in this advanced collage workshop, you learn dozens of ways to refine your compositions.

You print custom paper, master essential patterns, and use drawing, glazing, and stenciling techniques to create stunning figure designs. Anne teaches you to mix subtle, harmonious colors from your aggressively bright professional paints. She builds collages from one-of-a-kind, hand-printed papers, and she grounds her work in a deep understanding of pattern. You learn to stamp, comb, sponge, and roll designs based on classic stripes and contemporary letter forms.

Anne teaches you to be fearless about modifying, cropping, cutting, and combining the papers and figures you create. You harmonize collage elements and solve design problems with glazing, and you add detail with hand-cut and store-bought stencils. Anne teaches you to evaluate faces in photos and shares her tips for drawing figures. She mixes and matches sketches with custom papers to discover the perfect collage composition. You use glazes, opaque paints, and masking to bring your design into focus. Push yourself beyond mixed media basics in Pattern and Form: Advanced Collage Techniques with Anne Bagby.


BONUS CLIP: Cutting Paper Stripes for Collage

In this demonstration, mixed media artist Anne Bagby cuts thin stipes from her hand-printed papers to create new elements for collage backgrounds. Anne uses a rotary cutter and a quilter's cutting guide to create thin, even stripes she can glue to her backgrounds with acrylic medium. You can adapt techniques for working with fabric to your collage papers, as long as you keep your paper thin.


About Anne Bagby
Anne employs a combination of printmaking and painting, with layers of color, glaze, texture and pattern. Her paintings play with the boundaries between design and texture. Her work is deliberately formal and beautiful. The quilt tradition, oriental rugs, and the kaleidoscope inspire the fabric-like look, the lack of volume and deep space and the use of multiple images. In her paintings the edges are firm and significant, but the surface is her primary concern. Layers of glaze over layers of pattern, over collage and stitching: color, shape, texture and the human face. Anne's paintings are concerned with the relationships we have with the world and with ourselves and with who we want the world to think we are. These are the surfaces she paints.


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