Bette Ridgeway: Layering Light

Video Length: 2 Hours, 7 Minutes

Explore this exciting, innovative pouring technique, which was developed over 22 years of this acclaimed artist's career.

"Layering Light I & II" Now sold as a set - two demos for the price of one!

Ridgeway's instructional videos are the talk of the industry. In each video she completes a painting - start to finish - in real time - and discusses every aspect of the process while she is doing the piece. Art collectors as well as beginning and seasoned artists (including young students and senior "hobbyists" alike) are responding enthusiastically to this set of unusual videos. Concrete information is given by the artist, focusing on the various components of a good piece of art.


Examples of completed paintings are shown and discussed, and books are recommended as references to the viewer. In her masterful technique, one which has taken her 25 years to develop, Ridgeway shows the art of utilizing the "happy mistake" that often occurs with this "flowing" medium. She demonstrates how planning and preparation are essential. She confides, "When thought goes into the early stages, the chance of a creating successful painting is much greater than leaving the process to chance." 

While the artist's finished paintings reflect a certain degree of spontaneity, the truth is revealed in these videos - she has a strong idea where she is going and how she will get there! You will be enthralled with watching the flow of glorious paint. 

Watch two paintings being created, from start to finish. Students and artists, worldwide, have found this set of videos to be inspiring.

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