Brenda Swenson

Brenda Swenson: Glowing Watercolors

Video Length: 2 Hours 54 Minutes

You’re going to love this video if you want to create an attractive glow in your paintings that will draw your viewers in and lead them through the painting just as you’ve designed.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover when you watch and paint with Brenda Swenson:

  • Developing your composition with layers of color 
  • Unravel the mystery of paint
  • Painting around a subject to find definition
  • Apply transparent glazes to create shapes and depth of color
  • Develop your skills when painting wet into wet, under-paintings, and wet passages
  • Experience Brenda creating paintings that glow — now you’ll know how, too!
  • Demystify negative painting (and paint with more confidence!)
  • NEVER struggle with color again … you’ll know just what to do!
  • Proper design for this type of painting
  • Capture light like never before (yes, with watercolor!)
  • Create depth and interest (Brenda shows you how!)
  • Positively accentuate the negative (negative space that is!)
  • Uncover the characteristics of paint (you’ll be surprised at what you DON’T know!)
  • Ooops … oh well, find the humor in it and move on…

In addition, you’ll also get:

  • Exhibit of works by the artist
  • High-speed view of the main painting demonstration
  • Insights from the Artist: Brenda discusses her artist life
  • Index Code and Paint Swatches (a reference document to help you understand paint characteristics)

When It’s Time To Be (in the) Negative!

Brenda Swenson is a pro when it comes to finding the positive in the negative!

As artists, we’re always looking to advance our skills so we can become better painters. We can’t just learn one or two techniques and stick with those — we must constantly be learning and practicing new and different techniques.

Today, you’re going to hear about a technique that might be new to you. But whether it’s new or you’ve been practicing and painting this way for years, you’re sure to learn something amazing by discovering the value of painting in the negative spaces!

“Painting is how I experience the world!”

— Brenda Swenson

An observer of life, Brenda Swenson has a particular talent for observing the beauty, color, and glow found in everyday scenes and bringing these elements into her paintings.

The technique of painting in the negative space will have you developing your composition with layers of color — you’ll be painting around a subject to define it rather than painting the object itself. 

This clarity will bring you great confidence as you paint wet-into-wet, complete the underpainting, paint into wet passages, and add glazes.

If this is all familiar to you, Brenda will help you advance your skills by incorporating her proven techniques.

If this type of painting is new to you, you’ll be on your way to loving how this type of painting will breathe new life into your work!

Handle Your Watercolor

Knowing that watercolor can be tricky, Brenda helps you strengthen your understanding of pigments and how they directly relate to this complex medium. You’ll see how to create interesting shapes and tremendous depth of color and light by using transparent glazes. 

Not only will this help you build a better painting from the start, you’re going to discover how Brenda brings in that signature glow that her paintings are well known for!

Capture Their Attention

You’re going to love this video if you want to create an attractive glow in your paintings that will draw your viewers in and lead them through the painting just as you’ve designed.

We all know that it’s very difficult to resist a painting that is full of light — we’re all captivated by that special brilliance and we can’t wait to see what the artist is showing off in the light!

Now, you can be that artist … the one capturing the attention of others by generating a beautiful glow with watercolor paint.

Color, Color, and More Color!

You’re going to treasure this video course if you’ve ever struggled with color. Brenda is a pro at teaching and demonstrating different mixing and handling techniques for color and glazes — critical skills for anyone who paints in watercolor. 

Brenda will also help you understand all of the codes found on tubes of paint and how to buy the right one when names are similar. 

Not One, But TWO Demonstrations!

This workshop-style video includes instruction and TWO painting demonstrations — with the first, Brenda will help you see differently. You won’t believe how much easier painting will be for you when you’re looking at people and objects from a painter’s perspective. You’ll now be able to paint the right stuff from the scene so that your paintings are exciting and interesting.

In the second demonstration, Brenda shows you how to put everything you’ve learned together in a vibrant flower painting. Painting what you’ve just learned is the best way to solidify your new skills so plan to paint right along with Brenda! You can pause and rewind as many times as you want until you’re ready to move on!


Chapter Outline

  • Introduction
  • Materials and Tools
  • Unraveling the mystery of paint itself (not color theory)
  • What the codes on paint mean
  • How to identify the right color, regardless of color name
  • Paint characteristics
  • Transparent vs. opaque
  • See things differently
  • Putting it all together in your paintings


Customer Reviews

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Glowing Watercolors

Purchased this video because I wanted detailed instruction on negative painting. Brenda provides that and much more. Her discussion on transparent colors and pointing out that the same color name in various brands will be different. You must read the label to determine the pigments a tube contains. Negative painting requires strictly transparent colors.

Janne Potter
Brenda Swenson: Glowing Watercolors

Easy to follow, very informative video. Thank you.

Janet Kyle
Brenda Swenson: Glowing Watercolors

Beautiful work. Thoroughly enjoyed the technique and hope I can achieve similar results. Thank you. ????

Susan Piper
Brenda Swenson: Glowing Watercolors

This wasnt my first exposure to negative shape painting, but it was far more informative than my first. It is amazing how she finally brings it all together a...


These videos are excellent. Very clear information and demonstrations are simple and complete.