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Johnnie Liliedahl: Color Solutions

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Video Length: 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

 #2 in the Illuminations Series

This second video in the "Illuminations!" series builds on the information provided in Vol. 1, "Understanding Color", and explores the role color plays in creating form, depth, and excitement in paintings. You'll learn about temperature, value, and intensity with respect to how they affect different aspects of your paintings, as well as look at how you select a color scheme. We'll also see how you can use the color panels, developed in Vol. 1, to give you precise mixtures for the components of a painting.

Discussion includes aerial perspective (creation of depth of space in landscapes through the use of color), how the color of the light affects color choices, the creation of form with color instead of value, how to use temperature and intensity, and uses of transparent and opaque paints.


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