Diane McClary: Beginning Steps

Video Length: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

This DVD is for both artists new to oil painting, and those interested in learning the impressionist style. There is something for everyone here.

Often instructors will presume you already have the knowledge of the basics when you take a workshop. Unfortunately, many of those essentials have had to be learned the “hard” way, or not at all.

Diane provides the groundwork for beginning with confidence, starting with the basics and leading you to the finished product.


In this DVD Diane covers:

  • Materials, tools, supplies, paints, palettes and palette layout, brushes, brush care, and mediums.
  • Painting surfaces and preparation.
  • The basics of a good composition.
  • The importance of values, and how to do a value study with just three values.
  • Seeing color temperature; and how to mix the right colors.
  • The three key steps to a successful painting.
  • And more.