Susan Harrison-Tustain: Painting Watercolor My Way

Video Length: 5 Hours

Susan holds nothing back in teaching you her multi-layered transparent watercolor techniques.

Learn how to create beautiful, luminous paintings that glow.

Understand the reasons for everything she does, so you can adapt her methods to your own subjects and artist expression.


On this 2-disc DVD set her subject is a still life combining the lustre of glossy porcelain, the delicacy of rose petals, the textured, veined surface of leaves and the rich grain of polished wood.

Advanced video compression technology allows you to enjoy over 5 hours of details instruction from Susan, including the brushes and pigments she uses, mixing colors, her 'priming' method, yellow underwashes, every step of the painting process and finally the all-important 'fine-tuning'.

On Disc 2 you can find images of the reference photo, drawing & Susan's painting. There is also a detailed list of suppliers of the materials Susan uses.