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If you want to create paintings that instantly grab people’s attention and draw them in without any fuss or struggle...

If you want to look at the landscape and know right away how to transform it into a painting that looks right, feels right, and makes people stop in their tracks and do a double take…

Then keep reading, because you’re about to discover a way to create beautiful designs for your paintings that removes all the guesswork…

And it’s a method that’s so easy to follow that it almost feels like “cheating”...

In fact…

This is the exact method that even pros have found themselves coming back to time and time again when they feel stuck…

You see…

Many artists will choose subject matter because it speaks to and inspires them on an emotional level, but often they give no consideration to how to actually compose the elements when it comes to design… 

This ultimately sabotages their ability to create a successful painting right from the start, and leaves them feeling frustrated or discouraged…

But today you get to leave that headache behind for good and save MASSIVE amounts of time…

Because you’re getting access to proven “templates” you can easily follow to quickly create winning designs every time, which means you’re on the road to creating winning paintings too!

Even if you have zero experience in coming up with good designs, these templates will help you set the foundations for eye-grabbing paintings.

This can be key to creating art that ends up in galleries or becomes sales-worthy for you! 

There’s no more worrying about struggling with trial and error…

There’s no more spending hours studying and analyzing great works of art and looking at a scene, trying to move this or that … or even worse … guessing at what might work well in the painting…

"Very rarely does nature set up the perfect design for your landscape paintings."

— Kyle Buckland

Now, you can skip that stage and go straight to what works.

This simple approach to designing can save you countless hours of “figuring it out.”

But you’re not just getting templates…

You’ll also learn how to use those templates effectively for the greatest impact.

Brilliant, award-winning artist Kyle Buckland will show you how, and also equip you with the right tools to create a successful design in every painting.

What you’re about to learn will set you apart from those who blindly “feel their way” into a good design.

Instead, you’re going to approach design and composition fearlessly and confidently, with a crystal-clear idea of what you’re doing.

“If you don’t know how to design your painting, you won’t know how to look for subject matter that lends itself to a successful composition.” 

— Kyle Buckland

Get ready to learn a timeless method you’ll use throughout your painting journey… 

…and it’s only going to turn you into a more courageous painter who dares to attempt tough painting challenges!



You’re going to love Kyle Buckland, a remarkable talent whose roots trace back to Wilmington, Delaware. 

Born into a family that valued the harmony of arts and nature, Kyle began his artistic voyage with a deep dive into the world of French Impressionism at the tender age of 14. This early exposure shaped his distinctive style, characterized by a vibrant palette and expressive brushwork that invites viewers into every scene he captures. He’s also the founder of Buckland Fine Art Studios and Gallery!

His trophy case boasts top honors like Best in Show at the Lynchburg Plein Air Festival and the spotlight as the Signature Artist at the Virginia Highlands Festival in 2011. His commitment to art education is unwavering; he’s taught at every level and is particularly cherished for his courses at the William King Museum of Art. In 2021, Kyle’s excellence was sealed with his induction into Plein Air Painters of the Southeast. 

Today, he continues to paint and mentor from his studio at the William King Museum of Art’s Artlab, surrounded by the serene backdrop of Abingdon, Virginia, where he resides with his wife, Jennifer.

You can safely bet that having Kyle Buckland as your instructor is only going to strengthen your artistry and enhance your painting skills.

Inside this new video, Kyle Buckland offers not just lessons, but a gateway to seeing the world through richer, more colorful lenses!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

Introducing Kyle Buckland’s Brand NEW 

Oil Painting Course:

Courageous Design: Unleashing Creativity With Bold Brushwork

In this video, Kyle will show you how to fearlessly approach the problems of design and composition.

He’ll equip you with the right tools to create a successful design without the headaches.

You’re going to discover tried and true principles based on the teachings of history’s most successful landscape painters, such as Edgar Payne and John F. Carlson.

You’ll learn key brushwork techniques to enhance your design and lead the viewer’s eye … advanced tips to make your paintings even more impactful … even color-mixing tips that will make viewers think you’re a pro artist … plus so much more!

So if you have difficulty grasping design or composition and you want to add more impact to your paintings, Kyle promises that by the end of this video, you’ll be a more confident and bold artist!

“Successful designs aren’t arbitrary. They either work or they don’t, and I can teach you how to know the difference.“

— Kyle Buckland


Course Length: 3 Hours

Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION: (1 min.)

Kyle Buckland sets the stage by introducing the fundamentals of creating successful designs in paintings. He’ll share simple and effective guidelines to follow, taking all the guesswork out of design and composition. You’ll also learn the important distinction between design and composition, enhancing your ability to create visually appealing and structurally sound paintings. 

Chapter 2: DESIGN STEMS (21 min.)

Here you’ll discover easy-to-follow design templates for impressive paintings. Through charcoal drawings of an “invented” landscape, Kyle demonstrates how different design stems, like the “steel yard” or “S curve,” can dramatically alter a painting’s appeal. You’ll learn to adapt and manipulate real landscapes into eye-pleasing compositions, improving your design skills and artistic intuition!

Chapter 3: MATERIALS (10 min.)

Kyle discusses his essential oil painting materials, emphasizing a limited palette to simplify color choices and avoid overwhelm. He explains the purpose behind each selected color and brush, aiming to demystify the painting process. This chapter promises artists a deeper understanding of material choice, leading to more coherent and impactful paintings.

Chapter 4: VALUE & COLOR (4 min.)

Kyle breaks down the concepts of color and value, showing how to adjust them in surprising ways. He addresses common mixing issues, which are often related to value rather than color. By mastering these concepts, artists will enhance their ability to create depth and realism in their paintings, improving overall visual effectiveness.

Chapter 5: Demonstration Step 1: THE LAY-IN (12 min.)

In this chapter, Kyle demonstrates how to establish a successful design using the “radiating line” design stem and bold patterns of light and dark. He shares techniques for mixing a transparent dark to lay in big shapes, emphasizing simplicity and dynamism in design. You’ll learn to lay the foundation for a compelling composition, setting the stage for a powerful painting. In this demo, you’ll join Kyle as he captures the beauty of the crisp autumn day.

Chapter 6: Demonstration Step 2: ACCENT DARKER DARKS (6 min.)

Here you’ll see how Kyle adds opaque darks to establish rhythm and flow in the painting’s design, and how this creates continuity in the painting. You’ll learn his “sword fight” brushwork technique, infusing energy into your painting and creating vitality in your work. You’ll also see how this stage gives the feeling of form appearing in the shadows.

Chapter 7: Demonstration Step 3: APPLY COLOR (48 min.)

Kyle shows methods for applying color over dark lay-ins, emphasizing intention in every brushstroke. He shares tips for using color and brushstrokes to lead the viewer’s eye through the painting, creating a cohesive and dynamic composition. You’ll learn to apply color with purpose, enhancing the design and emotional impact of your paintings. You might want to watch this lesson a few times, as he’s sharing a ton of wonderful tips!

Chapter 8: Demonstration Step 4: PAINT THE LIGHTS (31 min.)

This segment focuses on adjusting light/negative shapes to complete the value range and solidify the design. Kyle discusses mixing thick paint for lights and the role of texture in design. You’ll learn to refine your paintings with light, enhancing contrast and visual appeal for a more striking and finished piece.

Chapter 9: Demonstration Step 5: THE FINAL PUSH (45 min.)

Kyle guides you through final adjustments, offering insights on when a painting is considered finished. He covers subtle shape and value adjustments, helping you assess and conclude your work confidently. This chapter promises a comprehensive understanding of finalizing a painting, so you can bring your visions to full realization with confidence and skill! Even your signature plays a role in the design of your painting, and Kyle helps you know where and how to place it!

Plus, you won’t want to miss these special EXTRAS:

✅ Bonus Templates: Discover even MORE designs not covered in the main video!

✅ Insights From the Artist: Learn more about Kyle and his artwork 

✅ High Speed View: Time-lapse of the demonstration painting for your enjoyment

✅ Exhibit of Works: A grouping of Kyle’s paintings for inspiration 

Join Kyle today inside Courageous Design!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

What You Can Expect Inside 

Courageous Design: Unleashing Creativity With Bold Brushwork

A Masterclass on Design: The Key to Great Paintings!

A successful design will command attention and draw the viewer into your work. Taking the guesswork out of design frees you up to consider other elements such as value and color more freely and fully.

Inside Courageous Design, you’ll learn what a great design looks like, how to apply a proven design to your next painting, and various other lessons that will have you creating interesting compositions more easily.

Design Templates: Your “North Star” Toward Winning Paintings Every Time!

Kyle is going to show you various design templates you can apply immediately to your next scene. All you have to do is follow the strategy he teaches inside this video, and you’ll be halfway to creating your best work yet.

This is an excellent way to accelerate your understanding of how good design looks. Plus, if you’re short on time, these templates will give you a “foolproof” head-start. Instead of potentially wasting hours on creating a painting that could be a hit or a miss, you can confidently rely on these templates to be your “North Star,” essentially guaranteeing a winning composition every time.

Develop Your "Artist’s Eye" to Create Great Designs Intuitively!

The more you practice seeing good designs, the more your “artist’s eye” will be able to pick up on them. Eventually, you’ll no longer have to think about design — your muscle memory and creative instincts will kick in and you’ll be able to identify great designs in different scenes and subject matter.

In other words, you’ll develop a “design superpower” where you can instinctively pick out beautiful compositions. Take note: Kyle Buckland’s Courageous Design is foundational. No matter your level of experience, the lessons inside will ensure you start your paintings right!

Available in both Streaming and DVD Formats

HERE's A small taste of what's inside

Courageous Design: Unleashing Creativity With Bold Brushwork

✅ Easy-to-follow design templates you can immediately apply (select from a library of them!)

✅ How to use bold brushwork to create a successful design, and Kyle’s “sword fight” brushwork technique to infuse energy and vitality into your painting…

✅ How to INVENT elements of the landscape to work with the design stem of your choice…

✅ Kyle’s “newbie-friendly” palette to keep things simple and avoid overwhelm…

✅ The difference between composition and design (Kyle’s explanation will clear this up once and for all)...

✅ Beginner-friendly tricks to add MORE impact to your paintings…

✅ Brushwork techniques to lead the viewer’s eye…

✅ Specific brushes to use, especially if you like using lots of paint…

✅ How SIMPLE shapes make your designs so much more dynamic and impactful…

Color-mixing tips for mixing different values and saturations of color…

✅ How to give your paints an alluring "sheen"...

Why you should consider linen instead of canvas…

✅ Surprising ways to make light color dark, and dark color light…

✅ The RIGHT way to whip up your white … and why you should do this!

✅ How to use accents to strengthen your design…

✅ PRO TIP: How to neutralize garish colors…

✅ Kyle’s go-to approach to creating a “spontaneous” look and feel to your design…

✅ How your signature plays a role in design, and how to make this work…

✅ PLUS: Alla prima painting tips! How to paint one color over another without mixing, and how to avoid a white “halo” around elements of the landscape…

…and so much more!

Discover Kyle Buckland’s Oil Painting Secrets in 

Courageous Design: Unleashing Creativity With Bold Brushwork!

If you want a much, much easier way to create amazing designs…

…and you’re an artist who loves to know what it takes to create stunning works of art…

…then you’ve already made a decision just by being on this page.

Shortcuts and templates are great, but what’s more important are the lessons that come with them…

…because that’s how you improve your artistry.

In other words…

You’re not just looking for another painting course; you’re seeking a transformation, a new way of seeing and capturing the world around you.

With Kyle Buckland’s Courageous Design, you’re not just “getting templates”; you’re embracing a whole new artistic identity. 

Soon, you’ll be able to pick out great designs easily.

Creating beautiful compositions is just a matter of practice…

…and this video will make sure you’re on the right path.

This isn’t just a course; it’s a journey to becoming a fully developed artist with a keen eye for great works of art.

Don’t forget…

Very few instructors have the same level of experience or teaching prowess as Kyle Buckland… 

There are two options for you now…

You can go back to what you’ve been doing — figuring out what a great design looks like with no basis to work from…


You can experience Kyle Buckland’s brilliant instruction and quickly learn key lessons that will improve your skills in a short amount of time.

You don’t even have to think or figure things out — just listen and absorb information while you follow along.

In just one sitting, you’re going to discover how to create amazing compositions that demand attention.

Furthermore, if you live far away from Kyle and can’t attend his workshops, this video is the next best thing.

It’s like having him as your “personal, in-house” instructor you can refer to over and over again — and it won’t cost you an extra penny.

This video is a shortcut to what works so you can continue painting instead of spending time figuring out what to get or what to do!

Once you know all that, there’s no stopping you from creating even more brilliant artwork!

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You’ve likely tried countless “learn to paint” resources, yet your art still falls short of where you want it to be. 

You’re here because you want to try something different.

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For much less than the price of a workshop, you get to learn career-making techniques from a brilliant artist and instructor…

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We highly recommend you go through this course at least twice to cement the lessons into your subconscious.

Our goal is to make it both easy and affordable for you to apprentice under the world’s best artists — from the comfort of your own home or studio.

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Get started right away by selecting the digital version.

30-Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

After you go through this course, we want you to be completely satisfied and feel confident that you’ve improved your painting skills.

However, if after watching the video, you decide it’s just not for you, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

To your success!

Eric Rhoads, Publisher

Though you can observe the techniques of any artist instantly by watching them demonstrate and by watching the videos repeatedly, please know that, though many artists offer insights that can help people overcome a lot of learning time, every artist learns at their own speed based on their own level of understanding. Painting and drawing bring great joy, though the joy may come from practicing various techniques over and over until you master them. We do not wish to indicate that you, or anyone, can skip the joy of practice and the challenges of getting better. Painting is a lifetime endeavor, and getting good does not typically happen rapidly, or instantly. Your results may vary. And please know that if at any time within 30 days you feel this video has not lived up to your expectations or its promise, we will happily refund your money.