2021 Realism Live - Liliedahl Art Video

2021 Realism Live

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Save years of struggle and frustration by discovering techniques revealed by some of the world's top artists in just 3-days during the largest online art training event November 11-13 with beginner day on November 10th.



Register before October 15 (11:59pm PT) to get these EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

Josh LaRock Demo ($197 value)
Todd Casey Demo ($197 value)
Gregory Mortenson Critique ($197 value)
Daniel Sprick Studio Tour ($147 value)
Exclusive Pre-Event Q&A Session with Mary Whyte ($247 value)




If after the first day, you don’t feel that day is worth 100% of what you paid for the full three days, let us know by the end of that day and we’ll refund all your money and you’ll get day one for free.

With your general admission ticket you will have replay access until November 21 (7 days)
Here’s how it works:
First, when you sign up we’ll send you a special link to the event. On the day we start you simply click on that link. You can watch it on your phone, tablet, computer or even your TV*. 

We’ll start out by building some energy in the morning. You can watch or participate if you have a camera on your device. Then we’ll jump right into lessons. You can paint along, draw, or take notes. 
You can take breaks as you need them because you can watch your replay later. (Every registration comes with replays).
And a couple times each day, we’ll hold breakout sessions where you can meet other artists. You’ll have a chance to get to know people all over the world. You can talk about what you’ve learned, about your artwork, or just make friends. It's one of the best parts.
Then back to more lessons.
At the end of each day we’ll have a virtual online cocktail hour, where our host Eric Rhoads, will carry on a conversation with the entire group worldwide. And, if you want, you can paint along. We’ll provide a live model, or a scene, or a project to paint each day. (No model nudity)
Please note this goes on for three days from 12pm to 9pm (Eastern time).
We suggest you block out the time as if you were out of town. 
Oh — and if you’re a beginner (or still working at perfecting some fundamental techniques), you can join our beginner day where we will teach the basic principles at a beginner level in portrait, figure, still life, landscape and flowers. (Even the non beginners will love seeing the instructors).
The reality is that art is a process (but it's a lot of fun even in the struggle). 
You’ll find yourself recalling lessons for the coming months as you paint and practice.
The more you watch the replays and read the notes, the more you’ll recall. 
And you’ll see a dramatic increase in your ability following the conference. 


*Note Beginner Day is not included with Regular Admission



Vicki Sullivan
"Absolutely heaven for painters. If anything can take our minds off a pandemic it was realism live, what a hoot, such a brilliant program that stimulated my brain and imagination, taught me new skills and gave me new ideas to try. I loved meeting the other painters and Eric and Peter. The Bob Ross inclusion was hilarious. The quality work of the artists demonstrating was awe inspiring and then to top it all off, just after it finished my swagbag arrived with goodies galore. The only difficulty will be deciding which videos to choose as part of my VIP pack. Awesome conference guys, thanks so much."


Cindy Rutherford
"As a plein air painter I dived in over my head here! I knew that after Plein Air Live I was in for top notch teaching and education. I am glad I got the 60 days. I will need that to really digest the content. I didn't hesitate a moment to sign up for Watercolor Live as a result of the excellent product you are producing."


Pamela Rhoads
"I learned so much that I didn’t know! I didn’t know how to determine my gap for where I am now to where I want to go until this conference. I now know what to do to begin shoring up the gap and improving. There was a lot of styles demonstrated and I enjoyed them all. I connected with Rose Frantzen’s style the most. I bought her video and several others. I plan to go back through the conference videos to take in things I may have missed the first time around. I loved the vendor videos too. First class and so much value!! Thank you isn’t enough for putting this together!"


Raphaele Goineau
"It's really a unique moment. The possibility to see and hear the greatest painters of the world, and even to interact with them! Not expensive for the amount of information, the inspiration and the energy it gives you! Moreover, to break the loneliness of the artist's life in "salons", and in three days, speaking only about art it's just fabulous. Merveilleux! Merci Eric Rhoads and his team!"


Sally Hartfield Bowers
"For 25 years I’ve made my living as a painter. Others sometimes called me an artist, but I lacked the confidence to think of myself as such. A couple of workshops here and there just left me frustrated. While stuck at home because of Covid (and with Covid), I had a lot of time to think about the direction I wanted to take. An ad for PleinAirLive popped up on my FB feed one day and I signed up. It was a real turning point for me. The quality and variety of instruction was amazing! Even better was the way they fostered “community”. When they announced Realism Live, I immediately signed up, not even knowing what that might mean. Once again, I was blown away by the whole experience. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this unique and wonderful Art experience. I am forever grateful!"


Jeannina Blanco
"Magnificent! It truly exceeded what I imagined it would be. Been able to study with masters of Modern Realism in the company of other artists around the world, from whom I've learned what they had to share also, without leaving my studio, represents a lifetime opportunity for growth as an artist and advancement in the art world. I am thankful."


Karen Bennett
"Such an awesome abundance of knowledge presented. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to learn so much. Wonderful selection of artists and subject matter. Lots of fun to go along with the learning as well. Thank you to everyone for your hard work in making this happen!"


Shirl Akers
"Best $ and time I ever spent. So inspiring and helpful. What a wonderful and encouraging way to spend time during these times studying with national and internationally known artists, with old friends and a ton of new friends. To be continued."


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