Irby Brown: Southwest Landscape Paintings


FORMAT: Hard Cover

Book Size: 12.5" x 10", 200 Pages, 116 Excellent Color Images

Irby Brown: Southwest Landscape Paintings
Richard Brunson; Edited by Joshua Falconer; Foreword by Michael J. Lynch


Irby Brown showcases sixty of Brown's finest landscape paintings, each in full color and on a full page. Narratives by the artist and fellow artists and patrons bring each of these pictures to life. The introduction discusses the most characteristic features of Brown's art and is followed by a brief biography that outlines his earliest influences, his military and art school years, and the story of how he became a professional artist. More than forty additional images of Brown's portraits, landscapes, field studies, and watercolors appear throughout the book, enhancing Brunson's exploration of Brown's artistic vision, biography, and process.

Richard Brunson was born and raised in Kansas. A graduate of West Point and Michigan State, he served in the armed forces and is a decorated Korean War veteran. After a long teaching career he turned to painting, studying at Lamar University and in many workshops.


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