Johnnie Liliedahl: Forked Path - Printed Packet


SIZE: 10-1/2" x 12"TECHNIQUE: Glazing, Overpainting.

CONTENTS: 19 Pages, 4 Color Images, Color Swatches, 2 Cartoon Line Drawings.

I came upon this fork in the road on a walk through the wooded countryside in Northeast Scotland.


This project is also the subject of the first DVD, D-1, "Basic Landscape Painting" which demonstrates the process of painting the subject in a horizontal format. It is highly recommended that you view the video even though complete instructions are included in this project. This subject was selected for the first, basic introduction to landscape painting because it contains elements found in many landscape subjects.

This printed lesson project was developed as a companion to the DVD, to provide additional convenient and printed references that are not included in the original DVD package for those who feel the need for them.

Both painted versions are included in this packet, along with cartoon line drawings for both horizontal and vertical formats and a complete color swatch reference sheet.

RELATED ITEM AVAILABLE: The DVD, D-1, "Basic Landscapes", is available at a discounted price for customers who also purchase this Art Lesson Project, if one selects item VFP-1 from the Liliedahl Landscape DVD section of this website. SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you would like to purchase BOTH the Video AND the Lesson Project, please select item VFP-1 (combo package), rather than each individual item, as this provides a $10.00 savings compared to the cost of buying the items individually.

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