Bill Davidson 4 Video Bundle


Video Length: 28 Hours

 Landscapes Reinvented: A New Method for Perfect Paintings

If an expert artist told you there’s one specific color that, when mixed in with others, will help you easily design with just three values, identify shapes better, and automatically create color harmony, would you believe it?

In Landscapes Reinvented,award-winning artist Bill Davidson will show you that using colorful grays will lead to exciting paintings. Though hard to believe and see how versatile grays can be, Bill is just the artist to help you understand and utilize this amazing color.

Bill starts with a presentation of painting examples and offers quotes to get and keep you motivated. From there, he’ll take you right into design. From the moment you begin this video course, Bill captures your attention with his friendly and approachable style, making learning fun and allowing you to enjoy the process.

After having a full career as a lawyer, Bill says he was a latecomer to painting. This has led him to research and ensure that everything he teaches will get you to success the fastest, most efficient, and positive way.

When Bill discovered the world of painting, he quickly found everything to be confusing and rather complicated. He did what he had done throughout his entire life and career — He broke everything down to the basics and found the shortcuts.