Gwenneth Barth - Portrait in Pastel - Liliedahl Art Video

Gwenneth Barth: Portrait in Pastel

Video Length: 1 Hour, 8 Minutes

The secrets of classical pastel portraiture shared by a European master Gwenneth Barth, a master portraitist whose many important commissions include royalty and government ministers, regularly conducts classes and workshops in Europe and North America.


In this instructive and helpful DVD, Gwenneth demonstrates her mastery of the classical pastel portrait from life and, sharing many useful tips and insights along the way, leads you through eight absorbing chapters to the finished portrait.

Recommended by the French Pastellists' Society and the Portrait Society of Canada, this step-by-step how-to DVD is a must for both novices and experienced artists.

As one student commented, "I've learned more from this DVD than from years of art classes".


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