Jean Chambers

Jean Chambers: Ragdoll Tea Party


Video Length: 11 Hours
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Join Jean, a member of the Oil Painters of America, OPA status, as she develops this lovely setup from beginning to end. While it's obviously a beautiful still-life setup and painting, you could just as easily consider it a lesson in painting folds and ruffles, as she expertly paints the ruffles and folds of the doll's dress and the tablecloth, while providing a running commentary explaining her thinking in the process.

Many insets of the setup details in the video provide close-ups of what's being painted, making it easy to follow Jean's painting progress, while, in Jean's words, she's "placing the right value & right shape in the right place to make it look like what it is."

In a video such as this one, you can see how the painting develops from conception to completion. The close-up camera shots in this program allow you to see the brushwork as if you were holding the brush. It's a better viewpoint than you would have looking over the shoulder of the artist.

For those who have always wanted to know how to paint fabric, this program will show in great detail how that is achieved. Jean is a master of painting the subtle values in light fabric, especially. She breaks it down into a very simple value and temperature lesson that can be understood by anyone. While the white cloth may look quickly painted with a careless stroke, nothing could be farther from the truth. Watch as she analyzes every fold and shift in value in this important element in the painting.

As always, this video was filmed using 3 cameras to follow the brush in order to show close-ups of the painting, all mixtures on the palette, and a wide view to allow Jean to turn and address the audience as she wishes.