Jean Pederson

Jean Pederson: Acrylic Painting - Mixed Media Portraits

Video Length: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
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Shake off boring brush strokes and texture less portraits with Jean Pederson’s "Acrylic Painting: Mixed Media Portraits."

In this workshop, join Jean as she shows you how to create a dynamic portrait painting using a mixed media background and luscious glazes. Explore acrylic paints, gels, artist crayon and more as you create rich backgrounds on which to build your portrait. Jean’s step-by-step instruction will start with inspiring examples before jumping into the painting itself. You’ll learn how to make the most of your tools by pushing your brushes, scraping with sticks and patterning with textured wallpaper. Take control of your edges, as Jean shows you how to soften acrylic edges with paper towel and fingers.     

Why we love this workshop:
We really enjoyed seeing one of Jean’s dynamic portraits come to life. No matter your skill level, if you like Jean’s style, you’ll get a lot out of this workshop.

True Beginners (and maybe even Advanced Beginners) may find the early parts of the video a bit frustrating as Jean spends a lot of time showing examples and explaining what she did with terms you may not yet be super familiar with. Once you know a bit more about mediums, it’s worth revisiting these sections for inspiration. However, once Jean does get into painting itself, she is clear about the materials and you will have a ton of fun (and learn a lot) creating your own backgrounds in her style.
Intermediate and Advanced Artists
Intermediate and Advanced students will appreciate how Jean is always pushing and pulling between the opaque and the transparent natures of mixed media. You will also enjoy seeing Jean build facial planes through value changes even while using many different hues in the process.  

Please note: This is not a drawing workshop. Jean starts the portrait itself with the drawing already on her paper and does not discuss drawing or placement of facial features.