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Video Length: 4 Hours
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Jove Wang: Expressive Cityscapes DVD

During this inspiring painting demonstration, Jove shares his thought process and the artistic principles he applied. You'll gain insights into composition, design, value, temperature, and expressive painting techniques.

What sets this course apart is that you’ll learn how to paint wisely and effectively. After this course, you’ll paint with a much stronger purpose.

This course could be a game-changer, especially if you've ever felt stuck or frustrated because something in your painting just doesn't feel right.

You'll avoid common pitfalls like design issues and lack of cohesion, which often leads to a loss of confidence.

Master Jove Wang promises that, My theory and method will change the concept of painting for painters of all levels, regardless of the beginner-leveled or advanced. It will guide painters towards becoming a professional artist.”

Both beginners and advanced painters will learn a lot just by watching Master Jove Wang at work. You’ll get to see his methodical painting procedure, and explore your creativity with brush and palette knife, texture and color.

After the video, you’ll have a better understanding of what was holding you back from progressing and becoming an even better artist!

If you're serious about taking your paintings to the next level…

…and if you want to be even more expressive and loose with your brushwork, "Expressive Cityscapes" is the course you've been waiting for.

NOTE: This video is translated into English and narrated by artist Peggy Chang. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a renowned Chinese Master!


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • Master Jove Wang’s unique “Whole-Part-Whole” painting method that creates successful paintings…
  • Key brushwork techniques to paint more loosely WITHOUT sacrificing form and structure…
  • The RIGHT painting procedure to follow (once you understand this, creating successful paintings becomes much easier)…
  • How to self-examine like a real professional artist so you can work independently…
  • Discover the importance of SEPARATING shadow mixes from light mixes and using different brushes for each (do NOT miss this lesson!)
  • Key artistic principles straight from a Master (this alone is worth the entire video!)…
  • Master Tip: How to have FULL CONTROL of your painting’s outcome…
  • Insights that will help you break through your glass ceiling so you’ll always progress and improve (no more plateauing!)...
  • How to AVOID “stiff” paintings and add power, drama, and musical rhythm to your art…
  • How beginners can speed up their progress and become professional with Master Jove Wang’s theory and methods…
  • How to determine your concept before painting and achieve the unity of painting…
  • Discover Master Jove Wang’s 3-step sequential order of painting…
  • The 19th century Russian masters secrets of adding depth & richness to your work…
  • How to create transparent dark value masses like Rembrandt…
  • Master Jove Wang’s favorite ways to emphasize/deemphasize edges
  • How to use classic transparency in dark areas…
  • PLUS: How to use paints without liquin in light areas to produce the texture and form contrast against dark areas...
  • and so many more tips from a real living master!


Jove Wang: Emphasizing Instinct and Feeling Softcover Book

Jove Wang, the artist behind this stunning collection, believes in capturing the essence of his subjects through meticulous planning and the use of colors that evoke deep emotions. His creative process can be broken down into a few simple steps that bring his paintings to life:

Step 1: Begin with a reference photo and sketch out the basic shapes and composition. This step sets the foundation for the artwork.

Step 2: Develop the value pattern, emphasizing the contrast between light and dark areas. Wang is passionate about this stage, as it adds depth and perspective to his paintings.

Step 3: Wang uses a color sketch to establish warm and cool areas within the painting, adding vibrant color notes that emphasize his love for varied hues.

Wang's distinctive style is marked by his emphasis on color variation and his frequent use of a palette knife to create subtle effects, particularly in areas away from the focal point. He carefully sculpts faces by playing with warm and cool differences, all while ensuring that his dark pigments remain rich and translucent.

For Wang, composition takes precedence over everything else. He starts with the structure of the painting, followed by color and value contrasts. His brushwork, lines, and masses come next, with the subject matter and mood rounding out the process.

Wang also has a unique technique of blending and layering paint in specific areas. In some parts, like scarves and flowers, he applies thick paint with a palette knife, blends it with a brush, and then adds more layers, all without obliterating what came before.

Wang's palette is organized with dark colors on one side and light colors on the other. He loves mixing warm and cool pigments from opposite sides to create harmonious blends. He often holds his brush loosely for a more expressive touch and can eliminate harsh brushstrokes by skillfully flicking the brush.

Wang doesn't hesitate to use his thumb to blend unwanted brushstrokes, ensuring that every part of the painting is harmonious. Before starting a piece, he spends time contemplating the model and the emotions he wants to convey, keeping that feeling alive throughout the painting.

In his own words, "Don't be too calm when you paint; infuse your passion into it," but never forget the importance of understanding form and structure.

Wang's brushstrokes are all about power and variety. He uses thick paint to bring forward certain elements and thin paint to push others into the background. He plays with various brushstroke styles, from calligraphy-like strokes to big and small ones, offering a rich tapestry of textures and shapes.

In this captivating book, Jove Wang's art comes to life in a way that everyone can appreciate. It's a testament to his passion, skill, and dedication to his craft.


Size: 10.25"W x 13.75"H

Contents - 199 Color Oil Paintings including:

  • 101 Figure
  • 8 Still-Life
  • 80 Landscape in full page size