Julie Gilbert Pollard

Julie Gilbert Pollard: Unleashed - Painting a Colorful Landscape

Video Length: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
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Loosen up your painting style while exploring the versatility of acrylic paint.

Artist Julie Gilbert Pollard demonstrates how to paint water, trees, and reflections with techniques that are inspired by the transparent nature of watercolor and the opacity and richness of oil paint. Throughout the video learn easy tips for painting loosely including learning to use gestural drawings and painting to capture the rhythm of your subject, modified blind contour drawing, color as value and bold brushwork technique. Also discover how to combine lost and found edges to maintain a loose, painterly quality.

In addition to learning how to paint landscapes, you will also gain composition tips including overlap, continuity, balancing objects, focal points and more. With Acrylic Unleashed: Painting a Colorful Landscape with Julie Gilbert Pollard you will achieve the skills to paint beautiful landscapes with a free painterly composition.

In Acrylic Unleashed: Painting a Colorful Landscape you'll find:

  • Step-by-step instruction to create a loose landscape in acrylic
  • Acrylic lessons on color, brushwork, values, painting transparent & opaque
  • Methods to use a palette of colors to create harmony, unity and ease of color and value mixing



  1. Introduction & Materials
  2. Review the Subject
  3. Draw & Mask
  4. Establish the Darks
  5. Underpaint Transparently
  6. Establish Rocks & Grasses
  7. Develop Foliage
  8. Develop Water
  9. Finishing Touches
  10. Wrap Up