Ken Salaz

Ken Salaz: Majestic Landscapes

Video Length: 11 Hours 33 Minutes

Here’s some of the painting magic that Ken is going to show you:

  • A practical approach to landscapes (Predictable? Yes! ... Boring? Never!)
  • Start strong, finish strong (and stop struggling in between!)
  • Encounter a problem in your painting? Here’s how to make it vanish!
  • Begin every painting with THIS and you can’t go wrong!
  • How to make the impossible possible (is it real or just an illusion?)
  • Now Appearing: Magical Color Harmony (and you have a front row seat!)
  • Secrets of the great masters (benefit from Ken’s years of study!)
  • “Wow, how did he do that?” (Here’s how!)
  • Finishing flourishes (now THIS is where the magic really happens!)
  • And SO much more, including a little fun along the way!


Majestic Landscapes, is an instructional video with classically trained oil painter, Ken Salaz. Ken is a highly talented artist, magician, and mentalist, and an instructor with the coveted Hudson River Fellowship. In 2018, Ken was named a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, a high-level designation that very few artists possess.

One of the most valuable things you’re going to learn from Ken is his self-invented, proven system for creating landscape paintings.

He calls it “The Butterfly System,” and he developed it to help everyone he teaches to really grasp the concepts of painting. He takes three elements that are in the landscape and brings them together with the three elements of painting, so you always have an intentional approach and a specific system to follow. This will help you paint with more self-assurance because you’ll have a strong foundation and structure to help guide you.

With this new approach, you will ALWAYS know how to move your paintings forward rather than staying stuck in repetitive mistakes.

Ken began capturing landscapes at the age of 7. Inspired by the beauty of the Arizona desert and encouraged by his family, Ken custom-designed his career to incorporate everything he loves to do —working as a professional and highly accomplished oil painter and entertaining audiences as an in-demand magician and mentalist.

You will really appreciate Ken’s casual and encouraging teaching style, allowing you to incorporate the Butterfly System into your next painting. The entertainer in him shines through, making it very easy for you to learn from him, regardless of where you are on your journey as an artist.

Prepare to be amazed as Ken reveals his long-practiced and perfected painting maneuvers that will help you feel as though your paintbrush has turned into a magic wand!

Study with Ken and let him show you how to paint magic!


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