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Michael Holter: Paint The Town


Video Length: 3 Hours 34 Minutes
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Let Award-Winning Artist Michael Holter Show You How to Achieve Stunning Results and Bring Depth, Atmosphere, and Emotion to Your Cityscape Paintings!

In this brand-new release, Michael Holter will share his best techniques and incredible insights on how to make your paintings stand out regardless of your level of experience. This is truly a must-have for any serious watercolor artist.

"Paint the Town" is a comprehensive instructional video designed for those who admire the looseness and freshness of watercolor, relish intriguing city scenes, and are keen on learning new techniques and tips.

You’re going to discover key techniques like setting up your composition… breaking down a painting into repeatable steps… and most importantly, adding figures to a scene.

Michael will also review his essential materials, including paper, brushes (such as an inexpensive chip brush and fun Hake brushes), and paints (including opaques and jewel-like quinacridones). 

Plus, you'll also learn the importance of sketching and testing out color combinations ahead of time to be better prepared for your painting.

This is a “one-stop shop” video to learn everything there is to know on how to paint a busy cityscape using watercolor successfully.


Key Lessons You Must Not Miss:

  • Michael’s review of the 7 Principles of Design and how they will play a role in this scene…
  • A simple introduction to one-point perspective…
  • The “Clothesline Method” to place figures in the scene so they reflect proper perspective…
  • How to compose your painting for maximum impact
  • How to connect all the figures to the scene…
  • How to plan and paint your subject with confidence
  • How to use Opaque White to instantly add depth and atmosphere…
  • How to mask off an area to preserve the paper underneath…
  • PLUS: How to connect shapes to create unity and harmony…
  • …and so much more!


Who Is This Video For?

  • The aspiring watercolor artist who wants to master the medium…
  • Any artist who wants to capture the magic of cityscapes…
  • The artist who wants to get better at perspectives…
  • Artists of all levels who want to improve watercolor skills…


Who Is Michael Holter?

Meet Michael Holter, an award-winning American Impressionist artist, who has dedicated his life to the mastery of watercolor and oil painting. 

With his impressive artwork featured in private and corporate collections across the US and abroad, Michael has built a strong reputation for his unique and expressive style that effortlessly captures the essence of his subjects.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in both fine and commercial art, Michael has navigated the creative landscape as an art teacher, creative director, and business owner. 

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education and an MA in Visual Communication, Michael expertly blends his academic background with practical, self-taught techniques inspired by the likes of Charles Reid, Richard Schmid, Burt Silverman, Frank Webb, John Singer Sargent, and Ted Nuttall.

As a member of prestigious organizations such as the Salmagundi Club, and signature member of The American Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society, The American Impressionist Society, The Watercolor Honor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society of America, The Outdoor Painter Society, the Southwestern Watercolor Society, and The Society of Watercolor Artists, Michael's work is widely recognized and celebrated.


Chapter Breakdown 

  1. Intro
  2. Materials
  3. Preparation & Principles
  4. Paint the Light
  5. Paint the Shadowed Buildings
  6. Build Background to Foreground
    ...and more!



  • High Speed ViewTM – a timelapse of the demonstration painting for your viewing pleasure
  • Exhibit of Works – A collection of Michael’s paintings for your artistic inspiration
  • Insights from the Artist to expand your creative mind


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Court Bailey

As always, straight forward and easy to follow.