John Pototschnik

John Pototschnik: Unlimited Color with a Limited Palette - DVD/Book Combo

Video Length: 5 Hours 12 Minutes


View the John Pototschnik book clip from PACE 2019


Never has there been an instructional video or book that teaches a color system that is so effective that it can completely change the way you paint. You can create any mood, harmony, or flow in your artwork by using John’s color system. The best part is that you can do all of this with just 3 colors + white. Even though you’ll be working with a limited palette, you’ll be painting with unlimited color.

This is a video and book combination set. In the video, John guides you on how to use his simple color system that has taken years to develop. He then directs you to the book for even more color combinations. The book comes with a clear palette so you can mix colors right over those shown in the book. This is like a gourmet cookbook for paint artists who wish to expand their world of color.

The most highly accomplished artists know how to do one thing that will make a painting stand out from all the others.

It’s THE thing that will allow you to create paintings with more feeling and emotion than anything you’ve ever painted before. And if you show or sell your artwork, you MUST know this before you ever start another painting.

Great artists make their paintings work because they know how to create color harmony. They don’t struggle to decide on color schemes, and they don’t shy away from mixing paint to create the exact color they’re looking for.

Good color is much like a choir of pitch-perfect voices singing a beautiful song in harmony, captivating the senses of the audience.

But, just like an out-of-key voice or someone hitting a wrong note, one wrong color choice will throw your whole painting out of whack. Too many of these, and you might just walk away from your easel and never come back! Or worse, others will walk right by your paintings without a second glance. You’re about to find out how to avoid that.

Here is just a sample of what’s in store for you in this video and book combination set:
  • Master the ONE color most artists never get right (be prepared because other artists are going to ask you how you did it!)
  • Create any look or mood in your paintings — this is what will set your work apart from everyone else’s, and John is here to show you how!
  • The THREE best ways to immediately change up your color scheme (who knew?)
  • Do THIS and feel confident that all your colors are going to get along beautifully
  • How just three tubes of paint + white will take you anywhere you want to go! (So simple and yet so effective!)
  • John’s Top 5 Tips that will help the quality of your paintings grow by leaps and bounds (#2 will be a complete game-changer for you!)
  • Right the wrong thing you’re probably doing that is limiting your progress as a painter (the answer is in here!)
  • Ever hesitate to mix colors? Didn’t mix enough? Mixed too much? Wasted paint? John gives you the scoop on solving all of these!
  • Love muddy-looking paint? Didn’t think so! Do THIS and avoid the mud!
  • Painting from a photograph that didn’t quite capture the colors you remember? No problem — you’ll know just what to do now!
  • The ONE thing you must know about paint colors — get this right and stop wasting money on paint you’ll never use!
  • Pick your desired mood, turn to that page, and BAM — the mixing formula is right there for you! (Did you just hear angels sing?)
  • And much, much more…


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