Robert A. Johnson

Robert A. Johnson: On Becoming a Painter Book


 The flyleaf says "On Becoming a Painter includes an extensive exploration of drawing as the foundation of good painting, with numerous illustrations that show how good draftsmanship can make paintings come alive...Lavishly illustrated...(it) is an essential book not only for the up-and-coming artist, but also for the collector, the connoisseur, and the art lover--in short, for anyone who cares about good painting."


This collector's quality book explains and illustrates in enlarged detail the principles of classical painting that have been passed along for the last five centuries from master to apprentice, teacher to student, and painter to painter. A unique feature of this book is its innovative and well illustrated treatment of drawing as the foundation of strong painting in the classical tradition.

Book chapters: On Becoming a Painter, Color and Composition, Value, Edges, Drawing, Brushwork, Materials, A Painter's Life, On Seeing, Changing Your Life.

"...This book is so well informed, so deeply felt in its recommendations on becoming an artist that it is a must for anyone interested in the classical traditions of drawing and painting."
Michael Burban, Instructor
The Art Students League of New York
Author of "The Drawing Lessons of Michelangelo"

"...One of the most stunning and informative books in its field...contains a wealth of art information and inspiration. All serious artist and collectors should have this book in their library."
Maxine Johnston, Instructor,
Scottsdale Artists' School, Scottsdale, AZ

"...Addresses the common concerns of aspiring artists such as how to achieve color harmony or an old master quality of brush strokes. More than one hundred illustrations provide abundant guidance and inspiration making Johnson's book a valuable studio companion."
American Artist Magazine, February, 2002