Ryan Jensen-Robin Cheers Bundle


Video Length: 7 Hours 5 Minutes
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Loosen Up Your Paintings with Ryan Jensen And Brushwork with Robin Cheers


Ryan Jensen takes you on a wild and energetic journey to help you relax, have fun, and Loosen Up Your Paintings. You will certainly be entertained with Ryan’s unique approach to painting. You may be amazed with his ability to stay ‘in the moment’ as he paints. 

He’ll talk about how he stays in the ‘flow’ and can be right there in the moment with his painting and give 100% of his focus to the creation of his art. He’ll share how he pushes out all the negative thoughts and truly enjoys the moment.


Starting with his fundamental insight regarding painting figures, Ryan goes on to quickly mention his tools and materials. Then he gets to work sharing critical insights from his more than 10,000 brush hours:

  • His “Principles over Process” focus
  • It’s not a photograph — it’s your scene, your movie, your painting
  • The three critical pieces of a sketch
  • The importance of drawing skills
  • How to block in dark shapes
  • Why paper towels are necessary for light shapes
  • An almost foolproof quick measurement tip 
  • The “buildup” and “breakdown” of the painting
  • How messing it up can fix it up
  • Ryan’s palette knife method
  • What a negative shape is, and why it matters
  • How contrast can make a big difference
  • Why working all over the painting is more important than one part at a time


Now, we’re combining Ryan’s excellent video with another loose-painting masterpiece, “Brushwork” by Robin Cheers.


Robin knows that you have a story to tell!

But HOW you tell your stories matter. Good storytellers know how to craft a great story, and great storytelling painters know how to craft a painting that tells that story.

Imagine YOUR STORY… communicated through paint.

Like writing a book or creating a scrapbook, paintings are a way of capturing and sharing what’s important to you … a story told through your eyes and painted in a way that invites the viewer to follow along and feel the meaning of the story.

Like most of us, you might think it takes words to tell a story … but we’re going to show you how a painting is worth a thousand words!

Meet Robin Cheers ... a storyteller. Through her contemporary impressionist-style paintings, she tells all kinds of different stories — from the sometimes-routine activities of daily life all the way to documenting a once-in-a-lifetime trip or experience.

She is just the right artist to show you how to paint your stories. Her ability to create a strong design and color plan is just the beginning of what will become your own personal documentation of a moment in time.


Through demonstrating beautiful brushwork, magnificent color, and intentional texture, Robin is going to demonstrate how to paint the stories that are meaningful in your life.

  • The tried-and-true #1 secret to painting more intuitively and expressively (you’ll now be in the know!)
  • Don’t just paint things … paint stories!
  • Develop your own impressionistic, personal painting style (Robin shows you how!)
  • Think loose brushwork can look sloppy? Think again!
  • Robin’s shocking (but simple) fix for getting more painting done in less time
  • If you STOP doing this one thing, you’ll immediately become a better painter!
  • Getting that “wow” idea to translate from your head onto your canvas (now this is what will keep your passion for painting alive!)
  • Should you paint every detail of a face? (Nope, and here’s why!)
  • Do you suffer from starting paintings but never finishing them? Here’s the cure!
  • The secret to elevating your work so your viewers are inspired
  • A simple secret that most artists and art enthusiasts don’t know that will make THE difference in a painting (once you find out, you’ll never skip doing this again!)
  • Three hours of instruction (Best part? You get to watch, pause, and paint on your own schedule!)