Charles Miano: Old Master Portrait Drawing

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Video Length: 10 Hours 30 Minutes

Charles Miano is the founder and hands-on director of Southern Atelier in Florida. In this video, he incorporates many of the unique materials and techniques he uses when teaching in-person classes:

  • Anatomical models to explore underlying muscle structure, which is critical in portraiture
  • Quick sketches
  • The “Miano Method” taught at Southern Atelier
  • How to build a portrait without a model
  • Drawing materials
  • Paper preparation
  • Head-building exercises
  • The Desegno: Concept
  • The Struttura: Block-In
  • Light Effects: Masses of Value
  • Morphology: Modeling Form
  • Finis: Finish the Drawing
  • Portrait Anatomy and Muscle Structures


    The Old Masters relied on drawing to study nature and anatomy. Rather than focusing on the completion of the drawings, the artists used them to further their knowledge and to help them create powerful, in-depth portraits. 

    Today’s artists will benefit greatly by studying centuries-old drawings, and, in this video, artist Charles Miano will lead you on a deep exploration of drawing in the style of the Old Masters. Charles will break down the different components of several drawings and show you exactly how the original artist was able to accurately capture detail.

    This is a comprehensive, course-style video with over 10 hours of instruction and demonstrations by Charles, who is the founder and hands-on director of Southern Atelier in Florida and is recognized as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.

    Way Beyond the Basics

    This is an in-depth, comprehensive, content-rich, and value-packed course-style video with Charles Miano explaining and demonstrating his tried and true methods for creating a classically inspired portrait drawing. 

    Even if portraits aren’t your thing, you’re STILL going to find the lessons Charles presents priceless because these skills will make all of your drawing better ... the human figure, still life, landscapes and plein air, and even architecture — it all starts with drawing.

    A Better Way to Learn

    Charles uses a step-by-step teaching method, so you’re actually building your drawing layer by layer. By seeing how each layer is done, you won’t feel the overwhelming pressure of getting every feature just right the first time. 

    You’ll have a chance to adjust and correct before moving to the next step …and doesn’t that sound like a much easier way to learn than other methods you’ve tried?

    Devoted to the Craft

    Charles has spent years meticulously studying the ways of the Old Masters and the universal principles of nature. He brings that depth of knowledge to his teaching and to his own work. His long-standing commitment to the traditional systems has allowed him to develop a unique artistic and instructional style that blends a loose and expressive approach with aspects that are classically finished.

    Charles is devoted to his craft, dedicated to his students, and driven to see the methods of the Old Masters preserved. His drawings go beyond good technical skills. His popularity is driven by his ability to capture the human spirit while using a classical foundation and contemporary inspiration.

    You’ll find his methods and style will offer you the opportunity to experience total renewal in your own artwork.


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