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Addie Chernus: Silk Painting Lessons

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Video Length: 2 Hours, 40 Minutes


Addie Chernus' Addie Silk Art is a beautiful video with 13 chapters explaining how to paint on silk to create finished art. Beginners through advanced students will see how Addie colorfully, joyously and magically paints on silk with dyes. 


Chapters include:

  • List of Materials Used
  • Introduction
  • Layering: Wet-On-Wet 
  • Texture: Wet-On-Dry, Tinitng
  • Saving Whites, Dry Brush
  • Uses for Dyed Silk
  • Color Choices, Dots and Squiggles
  • Fixing Booboos
  • Treating the Silk
  • Plein Air Silk Painting
  • Painting Humor
  • Design
  • Steaming and Washing
  • Summary 


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