Joyce Hicks

Joyce Hicks: Roses & Lilacs - Loosen Up Your Style with Watercolor Florals


Video Length: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
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Joyce Hicks' ability to transform ordinary landscape scenes into beautiful works of art has made her an internationally acclaimed artist. 

Her dynamic brushwork and expressive use of color combine in a unique way, giving her paintings a fresh, welcoming look that is easily recognizable.  She paints with a powerful signature style that invites viewers into her scenes for a glimpse of a simpler way of life. 


Video topics include:

  • Advice to beginning artists
  • Inspiration and preparation
  • Choosing the right brushes and paints
  • Selecting the proper watercolor paper
  • Turn easy-to-paint shapes into Roses, Lilacs, Geraniums and Hydrangeas
  • Gallery of finished paintings
  • …and much more!