Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter: Rule Breaking Landscapes

Video Length: 3 Hours 11 Minutes

Join rebel artist Charlie Hunter as he answers the one question he hears the most: “How do you do that?”

Charlie is going to show you how to take what could be an overwhelming task — painting a detailed natural landscape — and break it down into easily understood components. This is what will help you solve the problems inherent in capturing unfamiliar scenery in a way that is unforced — because hey, it’s nature, it’s not supposed to be forced!

This is where the beautiful magic happens, and you need to know this stuff!

You’ll be able to apply these techniques to your own paintings in order to tell your own stories in your own way … it’ll be the new rebel you!

And you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with Charlie and getting an idea of why he’s so cheerful all the time. And how he came to be a rebel and be totally OK with that. You might hear a few bad words, and we apologize in advance for anything off-color he says (but if you’re still reading this, we’re pretty sure you can handle it!).

There’s also a one-on-one with Charlie and me chatting about lots of different things. You’ll get a digital gallery of some of his amazing work — definitely don’t want to miss this.


But seriously … Charlie may be his own unique and wonderful character, but he’s also a brilliant painter with much to teach.

Guides the path so the viewer naturally follows along in the story

  • Wields a sword brush like a swashbuckling pirate
  • Strategically uses color so that value does the heavy lifting (is there more than just murky brown?)
  • Avoids stepping in zebra poop (yes, he’ll explain)
  • Applies cool marks with interesting tools, creating amazing effects that people can’t seem to figure out on their own (make a list for a trip to the hardware store!)


And you’ll get to see Charlie’s signature moves:

  • The “Drink Coffee and Go ‘Hmmmmm’” technique
  • The “You are So Stupid” maneuver
  • His “If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Then Baffle Them With BS” routine
  • The “How Dental Tools Can Improve Your Painting” shtick
  • The “Squinting to Save Yourself From Having to Paint Every Damn Thing” miracle
  • His “Avoid Marching Soldiers” mantra
  • The “Paint Drips Make Great Tree Trunks” anecdote


And frankly, if nothing else, you’ll get a good laugh. This man holds nothing back. He even made our editors blush!


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