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Richard Russell Sneary: Watercolor Mastery - Light & Shadow


Video Length: 2 Hours
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Follow Along and Paint This Award-Winning Masterpiece Step-by-Step!


When Richard Russell Sneary  stumbled upon this charming boatworks scene, he was so captivated by its beauty he painted it not once, but 4 different times! To top it off, all his paintings of this very scene sold, and he even took home 3 awards for them! 

Imagine being able to create something so beautiful, people just have to have it.

Well, you’re about to learn the skills for how to do it!

Visionary artist Richard Russell Sneary is going to show you exactlyhow he tackled the complexity of the scene…

…so you TOO can paint a winning painting that turns heads and wins awards.

In just a matter of hours, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to create a masterpiece — a skill that will last you a lifetime.

This is your chance to watch a great artist play with light and shadow, with shape and edges, and see how he creates so much drama by expertly manipulating his paint.

Most importantly, you’ll get to see how he turned such a complex subject into a gorgeous painting loved by many artists.

This is a masterclass in turning everyday scenes into a painting rich with story and full of drama — something viewers love!

Come join Richard R. Sneary in this delightful demonstration and see your skills soar!

“I’m drawn to complexity. I love complexity.”
— Richard Russell Sneary



Your Lesson Plan!


Richard R. Sneary introduces his video by setting the stage for mastering watercolor techniques. You can expect to learn how to navigate complex scenes and enhance your ability to depict light and shadow in watercolors.



Here, you’ll learn about the specific tools and materials that will be used throughout the demonstration, preparing you to follow along effectively and understand the role each material plays in achieving the desired effects in watercolor.


Review the Subject

This chapter revisits a fan-favorite painting of Richard’s, showcasing the challenging yet rewarding subject of the interior of a boatworks. He describes his fondness for the location and its complexity, emphasizing the goal of capturing the dynamic interplay of light, color, and shadow amid the dense environment. You’ll learn to appreciate and tackle the challenges of painting intricate settings, improving your skills in observing and translating complex scenes onto paper.


First Wash

The first wash sets the tone of the painting, with bright warm colors to establish the light and shadow dynamics. You’ll learn techniques like painting around bright lights, using a spritzer for wet-surface painting, and allowing colors to blend on the paper. This important chapter shows you how to start your paintings with a strong foundation while embracing watercolor’s fluid nature to create vibrant, light-filled scenes.


Develop the Painting

In this chapter, Richard guides you through the process of refining the painting, slowly bringing objects into sharper focus while building depth, atmosphere, and texture. Techniques covered include using a fan brush, splattering, and wet-into-wet painting to create interesting textures and color mingling. Here you’ll learn how to enhance your ability to control value and edges, add realistic textures, and manipulate details to bring some objects forward and push others back, significantly improving your watercolor painting skills!


Final Additions

In the final adjustments stage, Richard shows how to assess and refine the painting after drying. He focuses on balancing the darks with additional layers and touches on how to finalize the details for a cohesive and compelling piece. You’ll learn critical evaluation and finishing techniques, enabling you to bring your paintings to a polished and balanced completion, improving your ability to make your watercolors come alive!


Each chapter of Watercolor Mastery: Light & Shadow is crafted to guide you through the nuanced process of creating watercolor paintings that effectively capture the beauty of light playing against surfaces and objects, enhancing your ability to produce paintings with depth, realism, and emotional impact!

Start today!



Meet Your New Instructor, Richard Russell Sneary!

Richard R. Sneary’s transition from a distinguished 40-year career in architectural illustration and architecture to a professional painter in 2011 marked the beginning of a significant new chapter. Since embracing plein air painting, he has participated in over 100 events, contributing not only as an artist but also as an organizer.

He’s a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Outdoor Painters Society, American Impressionist Society, the Missouri and Kansas Watercolor Societies, and the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society, proving his expertise in the art of watercolor.

His teaching tenure at the University of Kansas from 1977 to 1985 laid the foundation for his leadership of workshops across the country, where he continues to inspire artists with his innovative techniques and approach to composition and light.

Richard’s artistry has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at Lighthouse Plein Air 2022 and multiple accolades at Plein Air Easton across the years for categories like Historic Preservation and Best Use of Light. These commendations, along with his roles as a faculty artist at notable conventions and features in Watercolor Magazine, underscore his mastery and influential role in the plein air and watercolor communities.

Richard is a resident artist represented by galleries in San Antonio and in Annapolis, Maryland; his work is an exploration of the delicate interplay between light and architecture, nature and urban landscapes.

Join Richard Russell Sneary in this masterclass to uncover the techniques that transform complex scenes into award-winning watercolor paintings, enhancing your skills and enriching your artistic journey!


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