John Pototschnik

John Pototschnik: Create Unlimited Color With A Limited Palette


Video Length: 5 Hours 12 Minutes
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Answer your color questions with this new video from master artist John Pototschnik. Through multiple paint-mixing exercises and landscape painting studies, John demonstrates the benefits of using a simple three-primary palette. 

You’ll discover the joy of painting once again as you learn to select the best color scheme — whatever mood you’re looking to create, there’s a color scheme that will work to convey that to your viewer. You’ll achieve color harmony for more successful paintings every time! You’ll learn how to mix pure, clean color, and when it’s OK to use “mud.” And you’ll learn how to modify and expand your color choices for nearly endless painting possibilities. This video is packed with helpful information that will encourage and inspire you to enjoy color as you never have before.



  • How to mix color using a limited palette of just three primaries and white
  • Easy ways to understand and use the color wheel
  • Tips for selecting the most appropriate primaries for your painting
  • What a color scheme is, and which one to choose for your painting
  • Two ways to create your own color wheel using your favorite three primaries
  • How to mix all 12 colors of the color wheel using just three primaries
  • Almost endless varieties of color schemes that can be created using the same three primaries
  • How using a different toned surface significantly affects a painting’s final appearance


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Linda Ruckman

The combination of book and DVD provides so much great information about mixing and using color. The one disappointment was that the DVD (which is about 5 hrs in length) was not divided into 'chapters' to make it easy to view in shorter segments. I resorted to writing down the 'time counter' numbers for segments I want to review in the future. The content of DVD is excellent; it would have been a better viewing experience in shorter segments.

Shailesh Tate
Very must Structured, He explain the soul of painting that is - Light, Color, and Harmony

I am from India. A software professional. I was lacking a technical understanding of colors and lights. I was not able to create and decide my color palette and primaries. As soon as i watched Johns DVD, all concepts got clear. He explained the color theory and impact of light in co-relation with nature which i loved much. His explanation is so structured and logical that you wont left with any queries in the end. I highly recommend this DVD.

D Gentile
Excellent DVD

I have been oil painting for a long time but started at a studio that premixed all the paints. It was a follow the leader situation. I never had to mix paints so I struggle doing so now that I am trying to paint on my own. I thought the info was excellent for my situation. I just ordered the book and I am looking forward to using it.

Tom H

it would have to be this one. A most thorough discussion/demonstration of painting principles as well as a complete dialogue concerning the artistic process awaits you in this 3 disc set. Everything you ever wanted to know about the use of a limited palette and how a simple change of the three colors can affect the final painting is here, plus a wealth of information on painting in general. John is a fantastic teacher, although he lapses into silence when painting as most of us do, since we are concentrating on what were doing which is actually a good thing, as we are not distracted by chatter and the artist isn't distracted by trying to think of what to say. I have learned more from this one DVD than I have in the other 12 that I have on painting in oils. Technically, the DVD is a gem. Each camera shot from the palette to the canvas is crystal clear. At no time did I see the artist get in the way of the camera, so you see everything. The sound is also crystal clear.

Nickie Fetsch

John, your work is so inspiring-filled with the joy of living. I have just received a copy of your new "Create Unlimited Color with a Limited Palette" and DVD. What a treat to have a systematic study of colors. Many thanks for your beautiful work.