Brian Blood

Brian Blood: Painting Secrets Bundle



This bundle includes two popular Brian Blood painting instructional videos.

6 hours of in-depth instruction!


Studio Painting Secrets

Uncover the Secrets of Easily Using a Photograph or Study to Create a Larger Studio Painting... 

Never Feel Rushed to Finish a Painting Again!

Master artist Brian Blood is not only a brilliant painter, he is known as one of the finest teachers around — able to communicate painting skills as simple, easy-to-master techniques. Brian believes that most painting processes are learned skills that can be mastered by investing time and repeated practice.

In this video, you'll discover how to use a reference photo or a study to create a larger studio painting — perfect for painters who are unable to finish a painting in one sitting and want to pick up right where they left off during their last session.


Here's just some of what you'll learn from this video:

  • How to make any painting look spontaneous — never struggle with this again
  • How to set up and maintain an efficient, organized palette even as you mix colors, so everything is ready for you when you need it
  • How to interpret a scene and prepare to paint each portion
  • What to omit from a scene without losing any of the beautiful detail
  • How to edit as you paint so you can maximize your time
  • Creating the right underpainting tone
  • The importance of shapes and silhouettes
  • Creating a sense of space and design
  • The importance of brushstrokes: using the right stroke, gesture, and creating a good rhythm — this will make your painting go much smoother
  • How to keep edges interesting
  • How to define the star and supporting players of your painting
  • Generating interest in a painting
  • Painting reflections in the water — something many artists never get quite right
  • Keeping darks opaque, mixing colors, and using complementary colors — everything you need to know about color
  • Creating atmospheric perspective
  • And much, much more...



Outdoor Painting Secrets

 You want to become a better painter. Wouldn’t you love to be able to set up your easel outdoors and knock out a stunning landscape in just a couple of hours? Imagine how your life would change if you could learn to paint great landscapes on location quickly, and make them come out beautifully. Suddenly you’d be able to paint a masterpiece each time you could find an extra hour or two. Suddenly you’d be less frustrated, prouder of your work, “in the zone” and painting more because you’d have learned the techniques of painting quickly without sacrificing quality.

Imagine when people ask, “Who painted that stunning picture?” and you can respond that it’s one of yours. You’ll no longer feel you have to apologize for your work because you’ll be painting with confidence.

Painting outdoors is a creative and fulfilling art form that allows you to capture the surrounding scenery in real time, no matter where you are, and with little time to work. Whether you are on an adventure in your own backyard or traveling the world, there’s no better way to blend your love of the outdoors with your love of painting than by painting en plein air. And plein air painting allows you to grab stolen moments for a painting — while waiting for the kids or grandkids at a park or the beach, or while slipping away for a couple of hours while the kids are at school. When traveling with friends to exotic places, you can get out and do a painting before they even start their day.

Outdoor painting also presents challenges for even the most experienced artists — rapidly changing weather and lighting conditions can make painting outside very tricky, and sometimes quite intimidating, keeping even the most enthusiastic painters inside. Those who ordinarily paint only indoors are often especially out of their comfort zone painting outside.

But now, like never before, you have the chance to learn how to expertly paint outdoors, making your precious painting time efficient while capturing the essence of the scene that speaks to you. You’ll now be prepared with the right paints and equipment to face any conditions you may encounter, so you can create captivating landscape paintings. You’ll be empowered with the knowledge of how to reflect what you’re seeing and create a likeness of the scene without spending frustrating hours trying to get it right.

Best of all, you’ll be learning from one of the most sought-after painters in America, whose landscapes hang in major collections, museums, and hotels. Brian Blood will reveal his closely held secrets, those he uses when he has only a couple of hours to create a beautiful painting on location.

Brian Blood: Outdoor Painting Secrets is designed just for the person who wants to learn to master outdoor painting and wants to capture the feeling of a scene as rapidly as possible. 

When you invest in your personal education as a painter, you’re creating knowledge, confidence, and new abilities that will be responsible for better paintings that others will marvel over. Discover the well-kept secrets to painting gorgeous landscapes and how Brian manages to capture the sense of the light, the mist, the color, while drawing the viewer in. Some paintings have that special quality few can re-create, and Brian reveals his step-by-step techniques for capturing light and feel.

Join Brian as he takes you to the Pacific coast and shows you exactly what you need to do to craft beautiful outdoor paintings. You’ll see the entire painting process — every step from selecting the best scene to adding the finishing touches that make your landscape painting speak to the viewer — creating a painting you’ll be proud to show off to family and friends, and possibly even sell for a premium price.

Perhaps you’re already a painter and wondering what it is about Brian’s paintings that make them stand out among a wall of other paintings. Just one tip or technique from this master painter may take your painting to an entirely new level.

You will love Brian’s easygoing teaching style and how he explains each step as he paints a beautiful scene. This is like getting one-on-one painting lessons from Brian himself, but for a fraction of what that would cost. You can pause and practice or watch different segments again and again until you get your own technique and style just where you want it — that’s the beauty of adding quality art instruction videos to your resource library!

Watch as Brian shows you:

  • How to take your own compact studio with you on location — you’ll want to keep it light and easy, and he shows you just what to do.
  • His special method of selecting colors and preparing just the right palette for landscape painting to keep things from being over-complicated on location. He has a great understanding of color and expertly shows you how to use a full palette out in the field so you never feel like you are compromising.
  • How to create a composition that leads the eye through a painting, a trick you can use in any location with any scene.
  • His techniques to create the sense of movement and life in a painting — get this down, and your painting will go much faster and easier. That’s critical when painting outdoors.
  • How to use your brush in a unique way to retain fluidity in the landscape you’re re-creating. This will help keep your painting natural and beautiful.
  • Tools for working through changing weather and light conditions, and for working quickly and without frustration.
  • How he makes his paintings stand out by using a few simple techniques he has learned after decades of painting and studying under other masters.
  • Ways to draw the eye and lead viewers to give them a great viewing experience.
  • Techniques to make your paintings colorful without making them feel garish or flat.
  • A start-to-finish painting you can use as a guide to create your own artwork outdoors.
  • His favorite design elements, up close — the elements he uses to create both dramatic and realistic outdoor paintings. You can adapt them to create your own unique style!


Customer Reviews

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Myrna Walsh
Good Instruction

I learned a lot from each of these DVDs and expect I will learn more as I watch them again and again.