Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson: How to Paint Glowing Landscapes


Video Length: 6 Hours
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With this exclusive video training, you will:

  • How to create a landscape painting with a gorgeous sunset
  • What you need to know about color harmonies
  • A great way to draw people's attention to the focal area of your painting
  • The No. 1 thing you need to succeed as a painter (Hint: It's not hard work and discipline)
  • Plus a whole lot more


Would you give up a career as a highly paid trial attorney to pursue your passion as a painter?

Well, that's exactly what Bill Davidson did.

And it's safe to say his decision has paid off. After all, he's now an established painter who's won countless awards.

Bill has produced stunning landscape paintings that are admired by art lovers all over the world

And if all that wasn't enough, he's also earned himself a reputation as a fantastic teacher of painting.

(His having taught over 100 workshops is a testament to this fact!)

That's one reason we're thrilled to announce the release of one of the most in-depth art instruction videos we've ever put together.

In this exclusive video lesson, Bill shows you, step by step, how to paint a beautiful landscape painting with plenty of captivating "glow."

If you follow the steps Bill has laid out for you, you're almost guaranteed to create a masterful painting.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Elizabeth McKenzie
Bill Davidson: How to Paint Glowing Landscapes

I learned so much from Bill Davidson in this video. He is a skilled instructor. He breaks down every aspect of the painting process and supplies. His video is o...

Marion Richardson
Glowing Landscapes

I just finished your video Glowing Landscapes and loved every minute of it! The finish was so much fun, seeing your stunning paintings and hearing about the places you have painted.

Rich Felton
Bill Davidson - Painting Simplified

I have all three of Bill's videos. They're all excellent but this one is my favorite. He covers a lot of ground in an entertaining and easy to understand manner. As a new painter, this video helped me tremendously.


I currently have all released videos and can simply say, he is the Most inspirational and encouraging instructors I have studied with.

Dan Riley
Great lessons, especially in the art of composition

Bill Davidson has a strong focus on composition along with many other facets of oil painting techniques. I've seen many discussions of composition but his just brought it home clearly and succintly. His tips on oil painting and brushwork are presented logically and understandably throughout the video. I recommend this to all skill levels of artists.