Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson: Rembrandt Secrets Revealed


Video Length: 7 Hours
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Watch and discover as Eric Johnson shows you:

  • How Rembrandt made his paint (and how you can substitute with modern-day options)
  • Steps in preparing a canvas, creating a solid foundation
  • What led to Eric’s becoming a painting nerd (and admittedly obsessed!)
  • The one thing that was a flat-out necessity in the 17th century (use it to your advantage now!)
  • Don’t have a lot of drawing skills yet? No problem … just work around it.
  • How copying the masters has gotten an undeserved bad rap!
  • Do THIS and cure yourself of doubt and frustration
  • How Rembrandt ticked off his patrons!
  • Painting Is Practical” (Eric’s tried-and-true method for creating calm from chaos!)
  • And lots more, too!


350 years after Rembrandt’s death, artists from around the globe continue to chase the dream of painting like Rembrandt. Not so much to do Rembrandt paintings (but who wouldn’t want one hanging in their house?), but to give their own paintings more drama, more light, and more expression.

Whether it’s students seeking to copy Rembrandt’s work as part of their studies or high-level professional artists wishing to apply the centuries-old techniques to their already polished work, painting in the manner of Rembrandt represents an ultimate achievement.

Yet who has the time to do the extensive research and experimentation? The ultimate dream of painting like Rembrandt has remained, for most artists, impossible.

That is, until now.

We knew there were very few artists in the world who could meet our strict requirements of understanding the time period, knowing Rembrandt as a person and artist, and be an amazing artist and instructor in their own right. In conjunction with Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, we conducted a worldwide search, evaluating hundreds of artists to find the perfect one to teach you. One whom Rembrandt himself would approve. That search led us to a young artist who is, self-admittedly, obsessed with Rembrandt.

We’re proud to bring you Rembrandt Secrets Revealed with artist Eric Johnson — one of the most extensive and important video projects we’ve ever produced. Seven full hours of content you can apply to your own paintings. A film that will be embraced worldwide as one of the most important components of understanding 17th century art.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Linda Lea Bertrand
a master for the masters

I got this because i am enrolled in a classical drawing and painting course.. This video is in depth, easy to understand and a perfect resource for my course. It has given me more in depth explanation of specific principles WITH illustrations. I am recommending this to anyone who wants traditional instruction. Thank you

Sonica Odendaal
Great Purchase

I enjoyed this tutorial and thought it was value for money. Eric gives a very technical explanation on the paint and tools he is using as well as color theory. I have never used a limited pallet before, but found it very easy as the instructions are clear and precise. I finished my Rembrandt copy after watching this tutorial and was very happy with the outcome. Would recommend this video.

Renate Wehmeyer
Eric Johnson: Rembrandt Secrets

This video is full of information , I enjoy it very much

Jennifer Audouy

Outstandingly good tutorial which gives real insight into Rembrandt's methods and technique

M Walker

Nice video, but unfortunately some errors need to be pointed out. That is not a Rembrandt painting that is being copied. That Maurishuis painting is a studio copy not an original Rembrandt. Also Rembrandt never used ultramarine blue....ever! To corroborate these facts refer to A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings by The Rembrandt Research Project.