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George Gallo: Impressionistic Landscape Painting

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Video Length: 3 Hours 8 Minutes

Through this riveting course, you'll discover practical techniques and gain valuable tips that will enhance any painting style you want to master. Gallo explores such themes as:

  • The interaction of secondary colors — orange, green, and purple — which is the basis of all impressionistic painting
  • The way to create lively color mixes by using the secondary-color interaction to get paintings to vibrate like the impressionist masters
  • Using atmospheric perspective
  • Creating a sense of depth
  • The importance of happy accidents. As Gallo states, "There are a lot of happy accidents in painting, if you're doing it properly. If you don't have happy accidents, then you're just painting by formula."
  • Achieving a better understanding of color and design
  • Tricks to make the light "shine" through — the essence of impressionism — such as layering heavier paint, which captures, then indicates, light as the layers provide a more substantial reflection

And much, much more!

The Importance of Impressionism

Impressionism is the birth of light in painting. The magic behind the science of art. The expression of a feeling, not an image.

When you take the lines out of nature, the result is areas of color leaning against one another. This is the essence of impressionism.

While the concept sounds easy, creating an exquisite, meaningful work of impressionistic landscape art — that which invokes emotions, visual connections, and a sense of place — is not without its challenges. Perfecting the art of impressionism means understanding the right hues, creating color harmony, balancing the composition, and mastering brushstrokes.

Now you can unlock the secrets to impressionistic landscape painting with this insightful and unforgettable course from Streamline Art Video.

You'll spend three hours following Gallo as he creates a gorgeous impressionist landscape, going in depth into the textures, color, light, layers, and more, while providing valuable and easy-to-follow insights and techniques that you can't afford to miss. His relaxed, entertaining delivery is chock full of humor, advice, and helpful hints designed to benefit everyone — whether you're a painter who's been painting for 50 years or someone who's just starting out. Gallo's goal is to teach you how to "take what you're seeing and turn it into what you're painting."


A Beneficial Bonus

In addition to a masterful demo, you'll get an exclusive interview with George Gallo and learn how his passion for art is connected across all the mediums in which he works. One of Gallo's personal beliefs is that all the arts are intertwined.

"Composition in painting is the same as structure in storytelling; that characters are the same as colors; that colors are the same as chords in music."

— George Gallo


In this unique glimpse into the mind of a master, you'll hear how George Gallo is able to weave his impressionist perspective into everything he does.

Gallo reveals fascinating insights into:
  • How you let go of the day-to-day clutter and immerse yourself in a moment to paint
  • The real-life experience of living as an artist
  • The creative process and how ideation works in various art forms
  • Standing out among top performers in your field

And so much more!


The knowledge you'll gain from hearing the candid visions of a true Renaissance man are invaluable, and this hour-long interview is worth the cost of the course all by itself.


About the Artist: George Gallo

To bring you the valuable techniques behind creating notable impressionist landscapes, we knew we needed a true master, and we found him with the renowned painter, author, and film writer/director/producer George Gallo.

As a teenager, Gallo studied landscape painting with internationally distinguished artist George Cherepov. Although he is a winner of multiple awards — including the coveted Arts for the Parks Award — is included in numerous collections, and has had three one-man exhibitions in New York City, Gallo's goal is to make this exceptional art form accessible to everyone. And he is uniquely qualified to present this subject to our audience, with honest, straightforward, unpretentious, and clear lessons for approaching landscape painting.

"Don't always just go out and paint. Just go out to the woods, or what you're interested in painting, and just sit and look at it. Paint the entire painting in your head. Painting is more a mental process than anything. Really look at things. Don't assume anything."

— George Gallo


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