Kathryn Stats

Kathryn Stats: Painting The Effects Of Light

Video Length: 10 Hours

How To Paint The Effects Of Light So Well, You’ll Leave Viewers Speechless…

“How do you paint like that???”

There’s ONE thing you can do to get reactions like that…

Be great at painting light! 

Today, you’re going to discover how to do it so well your paintings will mesmerize viewers — pulling them into the full experience of your creation.

You see, light is the soul of your painting.

It gives your work a sense of mood and depth, leading to and highlighting the critical points of interest that define your work.

In fact, it’s one of the surest ways to dramatically improve the quality of your paintings and create a more captivating experience for your viewers.

It’s also how you draw your viewers into your painting and get them to experience your story, guiding their eyes across the canvas and taking them on a journey that will stir their hearts.

With this skill, you’ll have the power to take viewers to places they’ve never been before.

Want to know how to leave a lasting impression? 

This is it.

And you’ll be surprised by how easily you can do this.


Inside this best-selling video by Kathryn Stats, you’ll discover easy-to-follow techniques like:

  • How to harness the power of light in your landscape paintings…
  • How to paint reflections on the surface of water and rocks… 
  • How to create a beautiful hazy effect of light hitting layers of dust in the atmosphere…
  • How to add depth of emotion by using warm and cool shadows, silhouettes, and value shifts…
  • …and many more tricks that’ll almost instantly improve your paintings!

  • Imagine the difference that painting dramatic light could make to your painting creations.

    The best thing?

    You don’t need to spend years of frustrating trial-and-error to learn how to paint the effects of light.

    All you need is the right instructor!

    Meet Your Instructor, Kathryn Stats!

    When she first started painting, Kathryn viewed painting as a fun hobby. 

    That hobby quickly turned into a passion, and now she’s an award-winner with tons of followers and fans.

    She started with rural landscapes, and over time she discovered the magic of Edgar Payne, Scott Christensen, and Russian masters like Vasily Polenov… and that’s when her paintings transformed.

    Fast-forward to today, and Kathryn Stats’ award-winning work has been featured in more than a dozen publications, including American Art Collector, Southwest Art, and PleinAir magazine.

    Galleries all over the world (even as far as Beijing!) proudly display her stunning work. A few galleries in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho are currently representing her.

    Kathryn has also taught classes and workshops on and off throughout her career — earning a reputation in the art community for being an absolute delight to study with.

    Not only is Kathryn quick-witted and engaging, she approaches the process of landscape painting from a very practical and accessible perspective.

    In the words of the Arizona Republic, she is “direct, honest, and sensuous … a genuine painter.”

    No doubt about it, these are the qualities you’re looking for in an instructor. You won’t regret having this video course in your library — we guarantee it.

    What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • Kathryn’s “Four Stages of Painting the Landscape”...
  • The little-known secret to using light to keep things vibrant and captivating for the viewer…
  • Kathryn’s intriguing palette and how she chooses each individual color…
  • The RIGHT way to set your angles, get your proportions right, and establish perspective (Kathryn’s approach makes things easier)...
  • How to work with light in backgrounds and foregrounds…
  • How to elevate your painting skills… by IGNORING conventional rules you’re familiar with…
  • How to find the center of interest and lead your viewer there…
  • The simple way to avoid the number one mistake painters make when trying to paint the light…
  • When to use vertical vs. horizontal strokes like a pro…
  • An ingenious way to easily tell when your values are off… and what to do to fix it
  • The recommended brush technique for creating texture…
  • The colors Kathryn uses to paint the sky and how she mixes them to get the right temperature for each shade…
  • How to “roll” your edges correctly…
  • How to use the knife tool to create harder edges around rocks and trees…
  • How to paint where water meets the rocks and shorelines…
  • How to accurately paint the reflections and shades on the water surface…
  • How to get a “hazy” effect in the sky…
  • The ONE thing that’llinstantly make your painting more provocative for the viewer…
  • How to paint the value changes in reflections on a slow-moving stream…
  • How to get unique, irregular edges in the trees…
  • How to get a silhouette effect and establish contrasts…
  • How to add the finishing touches with a flat brush…
  • …and so many more incredible tips that’ll make you look like a pro!

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Suzanne Bonham
    Kathryn Stats: Painting the Effects of Light

    I've been painting on and off for a couple of years and consider myself at the beginner to intermediate level. Listening to sections of this repeatedly, then applying each step then listening some more has really set my painting forward in a way nothing to date has. The instruction was worth every penny, and as well, Kathryn's dry humor is totally endearing. It makes learning fun, and one feels like one knows her personally as a dear friend after all this. Thank you Kathryn!

    Gaye Heldon
    Inspiring instruction

    Not often one hears the inner motivations of an artist as he/she paints. I loved Kathryn's whimsical descriptions of why she chooses a particular combination of colours. So inspiring.

    Rebecca Kahrs
    Great Learning Experience

    As a professional workshop instructor myself, that has 3 instructional DVDs in watercolor I love learning through DVDs. I have been teaching myself oils and have several in oils including Richard Schmids collection which are amazing. I truly enjoyed Ms Stats video. She was real with her teaching and it was good being able to watch her struggle in areas and correct them and explain why she was correcting the area. I enjoyed the color mixing and her attention to detail. This is a great dvd for the intermediate learner and even beginner. I would highly recommended this dvd.

    Edith Ostrowsky
    Painting The Effect of Life

    After viewing Kathryn Stats DVD: Painting the effects of light for the second time, I realized the amazing amount of information she provided while painting an amazing picture. Ms. Stats talked about drawing the subject, blocking it in. Using darks and reserving white paint for later stages. She also discussed brush strokes, values and creating distance within the landscape. Avery valuable DVD lesson.

    Kenneth Kant
    Slow process

    Kathryn Stats is a very deliberate painter. She puts the brush in different places on the canvas to decide where to actually put the paint down. She explains some parts of her painting process very well, but other times she mixes paint with no comment as to what she is trying to do i.e., change temperature, color, value or what. Im not sure how much of a learning video this one is.