Bob Rohm

Bob Rohm: Harmonious Landscapes

Video Length: 4 Hours

Here’s what this video holds in store for you:

  • Who thinks gray has a magical power over color? Bob does, for one.
  • Big shapes versus small details, the battle is on!
  • Why edges matter, as a matter of fact
  • Cast or upright shadows, the difference revealed
  • Landscape temperature is not about weather
  • Keys to ensuring color harmony
  • Keys to ensuring design harmony
  • A cohesive composition: what a good idea
  • Big idea No. 1: have a big idea from the start
  • Warm and cool palette, a head start on harmony
  • Where should details live? In light or shadow?
  • Plein air or studio? Surprisingly different strategies
  • Your center of interest — an interesting way to map it
  • Rule of thirds rules the day
  • Plot eye movement around your canvas as part of your scheme
  • Shapes and values, where design harmony begins and ends
  • Within your painting — relationships, relationships, relationships

       And, much, much more


Bob Rohm is just the master artist you need to reveal what gorgeous results look like. Results that will win you recognition and respect as an accomplished landscape painter. So, here’s the good news: He’s ready to share those amazing insights in his new video, Harmonious Landscapes.

You like it the instant you see it. A landscape painting that soars to distant vistas. Shimmers with sparkling water. Dazzles with foliage in sun and shade. Throbs with shadows dappled in beautiful reflected light. All painted in perfect harmony.

But how can any artist get all those spectacular harmonious effects? More importantly, how can you get all those effects? Years of study and grueling work? Workshop after workshop after workshop? Maybe, but deep down you know that without a big helping of breakthrough, you’ll be stuck in the “same old, same old” rut.

Known for his ability to capture the poetry of light, Bob Rohm creates paintings that reflect the brilliance of colors found in any environment, any time of day. Now a resident of Texas, Bob has been painting most of his life. He received classical art training at the York Academy of Arts in Pennsylvania.

This video offers you great insight and inspiration into the world of painting landscapes that stage color and design in perfect harmony. It’s an amazing experience you’ll want to have. You won’t look at landscapes the same way again. And the results in your next landscape will amaze all who see your newfound knowledge of harmonizing light, color, and values. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


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