Cynthia Rosen

Cynthia Rosen: Still Life With Palette Knife

Video Length: 4 Hours 16 Minutes

A brief overview of what you’ll experience in this video:

  • Discover your unique voice by improving (and mastering) your palette knife skills
  • How to use complementary colors to add excitement
  • A lesson on simplifying shapes (every artist needs this!)
  • An exploration of non-traditional ways to jazz up your painting — don’t miss out!
  • What you can do to easily paint with more expression
  • Palette knife techniques to move the viewer’s eyes through any painting — show them what you want them to see first!
  • What you must include to create exciting compositions
  • Magical color-mixing tips
  • Allow the nature of the painting to determine its course (this will help painting become much simpler for you!)
  • Secrets of using the palette knife effectively without the muddy mess
  • How to use broken color in a contemporary way that doesn’t over-define the subject (Cynthia shares her tremendous wisdom and methods here!)
  • How to add more emotion into your paintings 
  • Alternative ways to paint, lay color, and create effects with the palette knife
  • Cynthia’s “Super Trick” to get white highlights to pop using three colors 
  • Strategies on how to keep the viewer in the painting (don’t let them wander away!)
  • Cynthia’s top painting tips, an exhibition of her best works, and an in-depth interview to understand what drives Cynthia’s artistic rebellion.
  • Plus much more!


Are you 100 percent satisfied with your paintings or would you like to spice them up and have more fun?

What if we told you there is evidence that paintings made with a palette knife tend to sell better? That’s what many artists have experienced!

In fact, one artist has found that switching to a palette knife increased her sales substantially.


How to Add Drama

Many artists lack drama and excitement in their artwork, leading to flat and boring paintings. If you ever had the feeling that “something’s missing,” then you know what we’re talking about.

The problem is knowing how to add drama and excitement into the painting. The palette knife may be your answer.

When you know how to use a palette knife correctly, your artwork could easily turn into a piece you’d be proud to display in art galleries, to friends, or even on your own walls. And what if you start selling better? How would that feel?


Seeking One of the Best

Yes, it may seem easy. Just pick up a palette knife and start painting.

That’s what we used to think … until we tried it and got a muddy mess!

Like anything, you can speed up your learning by tapping into a top expert. One of the fastest and easiest ways for you to master the palette knife is to learn from Cynthia Rosen — a true palette knife master!

Her previous masterclass called Expressive Landscape Painting — Palette Knife in Plein Air was a hit among many artists.

And this time, she’s back with a brand new masterclass video - Still Life with Palette Knife!

This thorough video course is a start-to-finish tutorial providing a deep understanding of the development of a still life, with a focus on the palette knife, color, and a contemporary impressionistic portrayal in your art.


For Those Screaming for Help!

This video is perfect for artists who are screaming out for help or who have reached a point of frustration and want to find their own personal voice as they expand their skills.

Artists wishing to go beyond traditional approaches will absolutely LOVE this!

Don’t shy away from this video just because you may never have used a palette knife — it’s SO much more than that!

This is a chance for you to bring new energy and drama to your artwork!


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