Daniel Sprick

Daniel Sprick: Painting Light and Value

Video Length: 3 Hours 22 Minutes

Highlights of Daniel Sprick’s Painting Light & Value Masterclass:

  • How to paint romantic light (Daniel is an expert at this!)
  • How to create artwork that gets people to feel
  • Ramp up your understanding of creating drama and beauty
  • How to manipulate light and shadows to create various visual effects
  • Demonstrations of painting light & value from a master
  • How to capture the most gorgeous moment of a subject
  • Study techniques that help your art to sell itself!
  • How to anticipate the light as the sun changes
  • Painting dramatic compositions the “Daniel Sprick” way
  • See how a master painter corrects his mistakes
  • Daniel’s unique use of a mahl stick to paint light or shadow
  • Daniel’s unconventional method of creating intriguing compositions
  • An “Insights from the Artist” segment
  • Exhibition of Daniel’s works
  • High-Speed View of the demonstration painting
  • PLUS: A special tour of Dan’s studio
  • And so much more!



This is a great opportunity to learn painting light and value from one of the finest artists today, Daniel Sprick.

It Started When He was Just Four Years Old

When Daniel Sprick was just four years old, his father did a drawing and then handed a piece of paper and a pencil to Daniel to give it a try. From that moment, Daniel was hooked.

Through the years, Daniel’s love for drawing grew and, at age 20, he got serious and threw himself into making art. For Daniel, painting was do or die … he felt as though his life depended on it. With that philosophy, Daniel kept at it. As he could see progress happening, that is when he felt the most encouraged to continue following his path in art. 

Along with creating art, Daniel also studied the history of art, generating in him an affinity for the 19th century naturalist painters and the way in which they used paint.

Daniel is recognized as one of the top master artists of our time and this rare opportunity to study with him will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Not only will you be mesmerized by Dan’s painting methods, which are different from most other artists, you’ll be captivated by his teaching and speaking style — deliberate, soft-spoken, yet extremely engaging.

Dan is an instructor who, as he talks you through his painting demonstration, makes you want to move in closer so you don’t miss a single word of his timeless wisdom, thoughtful brilliance, and his occasional quirky humor.

The Johannes Vermeer of our time

Daniel has been identified as the Johannes Vermeer of our time. He is not only a master portrait painter, his landscape painting skills are also held in high regard.

As a seasoned artist, Dan can tell you that creating high-quality paintings is not easy, and there is no simple formula. But, as he paints a landscape from start to finish, he’ll share freely what does work. He’ll teach you how best to learn and practice, how to take in new information, and how to tell a great story through a strong painting. As you watch, you will see Dan’s process reveal itself, providing you with refreshing inspiration. 

You’ll be mesmerized by Dan’s painting methods, which are different from most other artists, and you’ll be captivated by his teaching and speaking style — deliberate, soft-spoken, yet extremely engaging.

Dan is an expert at capturing fleeting, romantic light, creating dramatic compositions, and bringing new energy to paintings. Don’t miss one moment of what he shares in this video.

“I think I’m a 19th century naturalist painter and the last century went right past me.” 

— Daniel Sprick


Chapter Breakdown of Painting Light and Value

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Block in light and shadow
  4. Establish main shadows
  5. Build the background
  6. Strengthen light and shadow
  7. Final Details


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