Karen Knutson

Karen Knutson: Fun with Mixed Media

Video Length: 2 Hours 9 Minutes

Artist and instructor Karen Knutson has one goal for her live workshops, and her students love it. The goal is to have fun. Welcome to Fun with Mixed Media with Karen Knutson. In this video workshop, Karen shows you how to splash, pour, and paint your way to paintings you’ll be proud to show your family … all while having a great time.

Karen shows you great techniques for getting started fast. No time for overthinking and worrying. Discover a way to create realistic drawings even if you’ve had no drawing experience. Imagine how much less anxiety you’ll have when you can have realistic images in your work.  Learn how to direct the viewer’s eye to your focal point even if you are new to design. Your paintings will be stronger immediately. Plus, unlock the secret to fixing any mistake with collage. Discover new mixed media techniques and repeatable steps that will have you creating paintings you’re proud of in no time. And you’ll be working in a way that is so fun, you’ll finish one painting and immediately want to start the next. 

Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete one start-to-finish mixed media painting
  • Learn how to charcoal pour
  • Explore media techniques including collage
  • Uncover design and color tips
  • How to paint realistic bird eyes
  • How to add strong design patterns to your work
  • How to lead the viewer's eye through the painting
  • How to use artist crayons and acrylic markers for finishing touches


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