Susan Harrison-Tustain

Susan Harrison-Tustain: Painting Watercolor My Way


Video Length: 5 Hours
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Susan holds nothing back in teaching you her multi-layered transparent watercolor techniques.

Learn how to create beautiful, luminous paintings that glow.

Understand the reasons for everything she does, so you can adapt her methods to your own subjects and artist expression.

On this 2-disc video set her subject is a still life combining the lustre of glossy porcelain, the delicacy of rose petals, the textured, veined surface of leaves and the rich grain of polished wood.

Advanced video compression technology allows you to enjoy over 5 hours of details instruction from Susan, including the brushes and pigments she uses, mixing colors, her 'priming' method, yellow underwashes, every step of the painting process and finally the all-important 'fine-tuning'.

Disc One: Susan's welcome and introduction lead into her selection of the rose for the still-life that is the subject of this video set, then we see an animation of the painting as it comes to life through each stage. Susan provides full details of the materials she has carefully chosen to be the best for the techniques she uses and the results she wishes to create.

She introduces the exciting new Susan Harrison-Tustain Signature Brushes Set from da Vinci and Colors Set from Schmincke. She demonstrates how she stretches her paper, and then it's onto the fun part of applying the colors. First the yellow underwashes using her 'priming method', then the fine veils of transparent color that allow her paintings to 'glow.' Look over her shoulder as she explains in full detail everything she is doing and why. See the color mixes she uses and how she can create virtually any color from her limited palette.

A new feature of this video set are the short 'Garden Breaks' where Susan gives you a chance to pause between each painting stage as she highlights the beauty of a particular flower or fruit in her garden.

Disc Two: On Disc 2 Susan continues to bring her painting to life. She retains the white background until near the end. Many artists have asked her about painting 'white on white' and the decorated white porcelain bowl provides an excellent example of this. She discusses backgrounds and the different options for the painting subject of the DVD, then shows each stage of building up a background incorporating the colors and wood-grain elements of her reference photograph.

Fine-tuning is the important final stage, when all the components of the painting are integrated to form a polished and satisfying 'whole'. Then enjoy a 'Gallery' of Susan's work in both watercolor and oil, with fine detail highlighted and each painting shown unframed, then framed.