Chien Chung-Wei: Spontaneous Watercolor

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Video Length: 2 Hours 53 Minutes


Fans around the world describe his works as reminiscent of William Henry Hunt and Myles Birket Foster. Discover exactly how he does it, apply his techniques today, and see an almost-immediate improvement in your art!

When Taiwanese watercolor artist Chien Chung-Wei, AWS, D.F., painted his famous award-winning piece “Ambience of Jiufen”...

…he used a unique technique you have most likely never heard about.

That very technique led him to win First Place in the Watermedia Showcase hosted by Artists Network in 2017…

…and also the AWS Bronze Medal of Honor at the 152nd Annual International Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society. Chien is also an AWS Dolphin Fellow.

Once you know his technique…

You can turn any artwork — be it in oil, watercolor, pencil, or even charcoal — into a good artwork.

He calls the technique “Posture and Paint.”

According to Chien, the “shape” is the aesthetic taste and the fun of structure…

…“medium” is the fun of materials and skills…

…and “light and shadow” is the illusion of recreating space that “coats” the painting. 

This “coating” easily attracts attention.

The right combination of the above makes up Chien’s incredible “Posture and Paint” technique.

Many artists are dying to learn Chien’s secrets. 

Today, you will have the chance to learn from this amazing artist.

He’s also sharing how to use a wide variety of brushstrokes to imply details in real space…

…how to set goals, and how to execute at each stage, from sketching to finishing touches…

…and so much more!


Apply his techniques immediately as you watch him recreate his magic, and you’ll see an almost-instant improvement in your paintings.

The ultimate takeaway you’ll get from Chien is this:

You can use minimal details to create maximum energy in your paintings.

When key details are built on a strong composition, you’ll be able to create astonishing effects.

But before we go any further, let’s get to know this amazing watercolor artist!

Did you know?

Chien is the first artist in Taiwan to become a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. He has also achieved the prestigious position of Dolphin Fellow with the AWS.

He’s the author of the bestselling books “The Intrigue of Form” and “Learning Watercolor from Demonstrations.” 

Artists and collectors say the watercolor works of Chien appear to embrace the spirit and character of Western watercolor masters over the last two centuries. 

His works are delicate and classic, reminiscent of the works of William Henry Hunt and Myles Birket Foster. 

You can see the spirits of such great watercolor masters as Thomas Girtin, John Sell Cotman, J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, and Edward Seago in his works. 

He has also broken the boundary between watercolors and oil paints. He created a series of works using watercolors and gouache that look like Romantic oil paintings of the 19th century. 

Those works totally changed the conventional impression of watercolors!

His colors are expressive and classic, laid down with masterful brushstrokes that endow every character with a rich fullness. 

He creates the beauty and intrigue of form even with ordinary subjects — and that’s the enchantment of his watercolors.

This 3-HOUR video package will show you exactly how Chien created his award-winning masterpiece “Ambience of Jiufen.”

We’ve hired a professional translator to translate Chien’s instructions into English so you can fully understand his teachings. The translator is also an award-winning artist, so you can be assured that nothing is “lost in translation.”

Chien is going to guide you every step of the way. You’ll soon realize that painting in watercolor is like building a house.

You’ll start from the structural design, moving on to the laying of the ground floor in a large area … all the way to finishing the final details.

According to Chien, the entire process is run through a kind of logic.

He calls this logic “Efficient Connection.”

You see, every brushstroke has a reason. Understanding those reasons will have a tremendous impact on your artwork. Inside the video, Chien will explain as he demonstrates the techniques and materials he uses.


You’re going to learn techniques like:

  • Wet-in-wet watercolor washes
  • How to control value
  • Proper brushwork
  • How to balance water and color the RIGHT way to gain maximum control of the paint
  • How to create RICH colors (no wimpy watercolor!)
  • Techniques to create textures
  • Perspective and depth
  • and so much more!


This video is perfect for anyone, no matter your skill level in watercolor.

If you’re interested in street scene painting and you’d like to have a deeper understanding of the principles of composition, this video is simply a must-have.

What Chien Chung-Wei Will Share Inside 

“Spontaneous Watercolor”

Discover The Blocks That Are Holding You Back

It’s common for painters to use photos as a reference for their paintings.

However, the use of photos makes it easy to develop the bad habit of “passive depiction.

You’ll also develop a poor eye for beauty — and that, according to Chien, will hinder the student’s progress.

In this video, Chien will shift your mindset so you can start creating more masterpieces consistently.

All you have to do is watch and listen, and be inspired!

Chien’s Award-Winning Secrets Revealed!

The painting you’re going to paint has won TWO awards in the United States.

This painting took First Place in the Watermedia Showcase hosted by Artists Network in 2017, and it won the Bronze Medal at the 152nd AWS International Exhibition in 2019. 

You’re going to learn how to paint one of Chien’s most famous works — including secrets that many watercolor artists are dying to know.

In this video, he’ll explain, nonstop, every single decision he makes during the painting process.

He’ll explain his composition concepts and watercolor techniques — it’s a rare opportunity to deeply understand and appreciate Chien’s watercolor art.

Composition That Attracts Attention

Chien is truly a gifted individual, a superb painter, and an excellent teacher. 

He puts a lot of weight on design and composition. He says, “Light in a painting is like the sugar coating on a pill. It makes it go down. But it’s the composition that is the real medicine.”

As you may already know, composition is important because it shapes the viewer's experience of the artwork. 

Composition is a big part of what makes a piece eye-catching and dynamic, or calm and soothing, or disorienting and off-kilter. In fact, composition can affect the viewer’s mood! 


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside“Spontaneous Watercolor”:

  • Discover Chien’s award-winning “Posture and Paint” technique for an almost-immediate improvement to your painting!
  • How to use a variety of unique brushstrokes to imply details in real space…
  • How to set goals, and how to execute at each stage from sketching to finishing touches…
  • How to use minimal details to create maximum energy in your paintings
  • Discover how Chien embraces the spirits and character of the Western watercolor masters over the last two centuries…
  • Watch in great detail how Chien recreates his most famous masterpiece, “Ambience of Jiufen,” and apply his techniques to your own art...
  • Learn the logic of the “Efficient Connection” that guides Chien’s masterful brushstrokes...
  • Discover how to paint a street scene...
  • About three hours of nonstop explanation during the painting process
  • Principles of composition that attract viewers to your painting (you simply cannot miss this!)
  • PLUS: How to eliminate the blocks that are holding back your progress … if you rely on photos, you MUST listen to this
  • ...and so much more!


Discover Chien’s Award-Winning Watercolor Secrets in “Spontaneous Watercolor”!

Chien’s instructional video is more than just a demonstration of processes and techniques…

This video will help you be more SPONTANEOUS with your watercolor painting, plus so much more.

Chien is an award-winning artist, and learning from him will speed up your progress more quickly than attending normal art classes.

If you truly want to see significant improvements in your watercolor art, you won’t go wrong with Chien Chung-Wei.

Imagine having FULL confidence that your painting will turn out to be something you’re proud of and simply can’t wait to share with the world.

Imagine finally being able to tap into your inner creativity and let it flow onto the canvas WITHOUT doubts holding you back — because you know exactly what to do.

Imagine the day when you’ve finished a painting and you feel you’ve accomplished something incredible — that feeling itself is priceless.

Extra BONUSES Included To Spark Your Creativity!

  • Insights from the Artist — Sit with Chien and learn how he got that first spark of passion for paint, and how he lives his life as an artist
  • High Speed View —  A sped-up demonstration set to music so you can watch the painting emerge from a blank canvas to gallery-ready
  • Exhibit of Works — View a collection of Chien’s paintings for your inspiration and spark your creativity!


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