Gavin Glakas

Gavin Glakas: GLOW - Creating Depth, Atmosphere and Vibrant Sun

Video Length: 5 Hours

Master the Art of Capturing the Glow of the Golden Hour

Award-winning artist Gavin Glakas reveals key techniques to “bottle up” the Golden Hour and create stunning, luminous art that will set you apart!


Imagine a world where time slows, and for a brief moment, everything is bathed in a soft, golden hue.

The sun kisses the horizon, and the entire landscape transforms into a symphony of warm tones, moving between amber, rose, and gold.

The shadows grow long and the trees cast silhouettes that dance and sway — it’s a scene somewhere between nostalgia and dreams.

This fleeting magic, known as the golden hour, is nature’s masterpiece.

For the artist, the golden hour is not just a time of day — it’s an emotion, a feeling that beckons to be captured on canvas.

It’s the challenge of grasping that ephemeral glow, the interplay of light and shadow, and the profound serenity that it invokes, that makes it worth chasing…

Have you ever wished you could simply bottle up the “golden hour” into a tube and just pour it onto your canvas?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Your paintings would always have that magical GLOW and look stunning every single time!

Inside GLOW, Gavin will show you exactly how to bottle up the golden hour.

You’ll discover key lessons on how to create depth, atmosphere, and the glow of blazing sunlight on a late summer afternoon.

You’ll dive deep into the power of aerial perspective, learning how to create the glow of vibrant sunlight — pushing the depth of the scene from the immediate foreground to the most distant horizon.

Gavin will show you how to layer warm and cool tones into wet paint to control the emotional feel and three-dimensional depth of your artwork, resulting in paintings that will instantly capture the viewer’s imagination!

That’s not all…

You’ll also learn tips on how to paint foliage — both on distant mountains and in the immediate foreground — in a way that feels natural and builds space.

And what you’ll find most interesting is learning how to control your paint so you can paint loosely but accurately, stay organized, and never have things fall apart or get muddy — even when painting in layers of wet into wet into wet.


Inside GLOW, you’ll learn techniques like:

  • How to paint wet-into-wet for vibrant colors and greater depth…
  • The secret to mastering the intricacies of color relationships…
  • How to sketch with a pencil directly into wet paint (and why you should try this)...
  • How to control paint quality through techniques like edge manipulation, thick and thin layering, and palette knife use…
  • Different tools, from brushes to palette knives, and how to use them for various effects that will make your paintings come alive!


NOTE: Gavin’s sharing so much we simply cannot list all of it! You’ll want to watch his demonstration at least twice to capture the breadth of his insights!

Whether you're a beginner or a full-time artist, if you’re struggling to paint landscapes that convey mood, atmosphere, and depth, this course will show you how.

If you want to paint with more vibrant colors…

…if you want your art to evoke a deep emotional response through mood and atmosphere…

…or if you're eager to master effects like light, depth, sunshine, and backlight — then Gavin Glakas’s GLOW will take your art to the next level.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to transform your artistry with such an experienced artist and brilliant instructor!



Meet Your New Instructor, Gavin Glakas!

Gavin is a 20-year veteran in the art world who once walked the halls of an office building, contemplating a legal career. A life-altering health event served as a wakeup call, igniting the courage to chase his lifelong artistic dream.

His artworks — vibrant landscapes and intricate cityscapes, captivating portraits and figurative pieces — are more than mere paintings; they are visual narratives that evoke positivity and optimism.

What sets Gavin apart is his unique teaching technique, which we call his “Direct Teaching Approach.” It’s a no-nonsense method that takes the confusion out of art instruction and replaces it with logic and clarity.

Gavin strips away the contradictory philosophies that often muddle art education, focusing instead on the “how” and “why” of artistic decision-making. It’s about eliminating the cloud of confusion and arming you with the knowledge and skills to take your artwork in any direction you choose.

Gavin’s proven approach is about giving you the freedom and confidence to execute your vision, to make your canvas come alive with the same emotional and visual intensity you feel when you see a breathtaking scene.

His artwork and teaching methods have not only earned him a spot in the permanent collections of the United States Capitol, the Virginia State Capitol, the CIA, universities, museums, and numerous other collections, they’ve also led to many awards and recognitions, including accolades from the Portrait Society of America and the Art Renewal Center.

Gavin is not just an instructor, he’s an artist who understands the emotional highs and lows that come with creating art. He’s a guide, ready to help you navigate through the complexities of color, light, and texture, making the painting process a fulfilling journey rather than a frustrating task.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn from an artist and teacher who has turned life’s challenges into a palette of opportunities!


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside GLOW: Creating Depth, Atmosphere, and Vibrant Sun:

  • The “Snowflake Rule” to make nature actually look natural in your paintings (a secret few know!)...
  • The “aerial perspective” method to create the glow of vibrant sunlight and establish distance (understanding this will give you freedom to experiment)…
  • Pro-level tips on how to push the depth of the scene from the immediate foreground to the most distant horizon…
  • How to use color to CONTROL the emotional feel of your painting…
  • The RIGHT way to paint foliage (both on distant mountains and in the immediate foreground) that feels natural and builds space…
  • How to ensure everything is in harmony…
  • The ONE color to add to green that will instantly make it feel like natural green…
  • How to keep things unpredictable and interesting, just like nature…
  • What exactly makes the gorgeous glow of the sun (you’d be surprised)...
  • How to convey depth and 3D space in a landscape…
  • How using angles instead of curves can help you make better decisions when applying paint…
  • The 3 key color questions to ask as you mix…
  • Secrets of setting the “psychological tone” of the painting…
  • How to ensure everything is in harmony…
  • The 3 questions you MUST ask when choosing color, or risk getting it all wrong…
  • How to make a town look like a town without painting every window and door…
  • How to add drama to your painting by manipulating your composition…
  • How to create nature’s “3D chaos” without it becoming overly chaotic…
  • How to capture realistic backlight on foliage…
  • Perspective and color tips for painting distant buildings
  • …and so much more! (He talks about everything!)


Chapter Breakdown

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials
  3. Review the Subject
  4. Prepare the Surface
  5. Block In
  6. Build Dimension in the Background
  7. Paint the Town
  8. Develop the Midground & Foreground Hills


Extra Bonuses:

  • A High Speed time lapse of the demonstration painting for your enjoyment.
  • Insights from Gavin Glakas
  • Exhibit of Gavin Glakas’s works for your creative inspiration


Customer Reviews

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Shawnee Fleenor
Gavin Glakas: GLOW - Creating Depth, Atmosphere and Vibrant Sun

I'm several chapters into this tutorial and loving it so far. Gavin is providing instruction, information, and encouragement and is giving me confidence as I progress. I have long been an admirer of his warm, light-filled paintings and was excited when I saw the advertisement for this tutorial, so it has been a warm treat in this cool holiday season, a Christmas present to myself. Thank you, Gavin and Painttube!

Excellent as usual

This is the second of Gavin's videos I have purchased. He is an excellent tutor
and his knowledge and in-depth skill in this particular field of his painting is invaluable in helping to achieve the effects of sunlit glow and warmth in your landscapes. I would thoroughly recommend adding it to your collection.