William A. Schneider

William A. Schneider: Composition Secrets for Figure Painting


Video Length: 4 Hours 19 Minutes
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In this instructional video, you will see, firsthand, why Bill believes that composition trumps everything else, and why it’s crucial that you continue to study and apply design and composition to every painting you create.


Here’s a bit of what you’re going to discover with Bill Schneider:

  • The ONE thing that will make or break your figure paintings
  • Composition and design math — Bill makes this much easier for you!
  • What NOT to do if you want to sell your paintings
  • Fix this in your painting now, or run into mayhem later!
  • The secret to making your figure paintings look more natural (great artists know this, and now you will, too!)
  • And lots, lots more!


Truly understanding and developing composition skills is critical if you want to become a much better figure painter. And now, you have the opportunity to learn directly from Bill Schneider, one of the best when it comes to the architecture and carpentry of figure painting.

With over four hours of instruction and demonstration, you’ll experience a deep exploration of how composition works, including visual concept, storytelling, placement, dominant value, color, and motifs. And if you’ve ever been confused by the formulas and measurements used in design, you’re in for a real treat because Bill presents these topics in a practical, tangible way that will allow you to get it and apply it right away.

To further reinforce the lesson, Bill will show you the design concepts used in a few of his own paintings, and some from famous artists such as J.W. Waterhouse, Joaquin Sorolla, and Anders Zorn. Once you see how these paintings were designed, you’ll never look at them, or any painting, the same way again!

A Great Way to Grow as an Artist

Learning by video is an excellent way for you to accelerate your own skills because you can paint right along with Bill as he walks you through each step. You can rewind for a do-over whenever needed, as well as pause and come back later if you get interrupted. The video is available in both DVD and digital download, so the choice is yours!

Not only is Composition Secrets for Figure Painting a must-have resource for every figure painter, the lessons, tips, tools, and techniques are highly relevant for any artist, using any medium, who wants to take their design and composition skills deeper in order to create more interesting and meaningful paintings.

In addition to the lessons and painting demonstration, you’ll be treated to an interview with Schneider, where he tells of his journey to become a professional artist. He shares what’s worked for him even though he got a late start in his art career. You’ll want to take notes when he goes through solutions for overcoming some of the hardest obstacles in portrait and figure painting (this will sure surprise you!).


Here’s a bit more of what you’re going to discover with Bill Schneider:

  • The ONE thing that will make or break your figure paintings
  • Composition and design math — Bill makes this much easier for you!
  • What NOT to do if you want to sell your paintings
  • Fix this in your painting now, or run into mayhem later!
  • The secret to making your figure paintings look more natural (great artists know this, and now you will, too!)
  • Hair looking like a waxed wig? Do this!
  • One seriously cool tool that will help you with composition and design (so simple, yet so important!)
  • The special formula for hypnotizing your viewers with your paintings
  • Avoid getting really good at painting the wrong things (this will truly be a light bulb moment for you as an artist!)
  • The ONE area you MUST get right or risk your painting being a total loss
  • The Goldilocks theory of reflected light (getting it just right!)
  • And lots, lots more...

This Superpower Can Be Second Nature…
Bill Shows You How to Make Your Art Stand Out!

If you have studied design and composition, you know how important they are to your paintings. In this video, Bill Schneider is going to take you on a deeper study so that composition becomes second nature to you. You’ll see how the time and effort you spend BEFORE you begin your painting is actually a huge investment that will yield great returns for you in the finished product.

The knowledge and skill you’ll gain is invaluable, and trust us when we say you do not want to miss a single moment of this time with Bill Schneider — he is a master artist and an excellent instructor who teaches in a straightforward, easy-to-grasp manner so that painters of all levels can benefit.

Even if you’ve had the incredible experience of attending a workshop with Bill, you’ll still want to add this video to your resource library —it’s that good!

Truly understand, though, design and composition theory are key concepts that really are the secret sauce — they are the secret that will take your paintings from good to great. The concepts Bill Schneider teaches will put you on the path you need to be on. You will become one of the artists who really get it … artists who make the viewers of their paintings stop cold in their tracks to take notice. Just think about how good it will feel when YOU are one of those artists!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kelly McCurdy
William Schneider: Composition Secrets for Figure Painting

I just finished this video by William Schneider ( I loved them all). I learned more in 30 minutes than in many of my classes on composition. He is a terrific teacher and his choice of examples to illustrate his point of view were perfect. Thank you for offering me this opportunity to improve my painting skills by offering these videos. Each one is a jewel.
Kelly McCurry

Lorenzo Chavez
Teaching the importance of a great fondation of desgn.

William Schneider's Mastering Composition is a great lesson on the approach to teaching the importance of design as the first and most important concept in the creation of a work of art. I love how he talks about his concept of the methods used to complete a masterful work. This is a solid lesson one can review time and time again and gain valuable insight into creating a masterful work. He goes into the importance of the use of value as a design tool and his lessons on color are very inspiring. I love the use of the split screen to show his reference and to show at the same time how he handles his painting. So much valuable information in this art video. One of the best I have seen on Mastering Composition with a figure. Lorenzo Chavez

Daniel Gerhartz

With his contagious enthusiasm,

William shares his extensive knowledge of picture making through various aspects of design. In very concrete and understandable terms, he transforms the perceived nebulous nature of design principles into very attainable concepts which can easily be applied to one's own work. If you are seeking to strengthen your paintings into more powerful and beautiful statements, I highly recommend this video!

Debra Joy Groesser
Composition Secrets for Figure Painting

Bill's clear explanation of complex composition and design ideas is outstanding, and helpful information even for those who don't paint figures. His use of historical paintings as examples to illustrate these concepts is very interesting and helpful. Excellent demo using techniques I've not seen anyone else use before.
I would add that I've checked my compositions in some of my landscape paintings using the methods Bill described in his video and I can see where it will improve my landscapes as well as my figurative work.

Henry Salley
Best yet.

Always the best as to learn composition,value, color mixing and color temperature in painting the figure. A must to help art knowledge and skills.