Floral in Oil Bundle



This Bundle Includes 6 Of Our Popular Floral/Still Life Instructional Videos!

Combined Length: 29+ Hours

Pat Fiorello: Vibrant Flowers-Paint Your Garden!

This video is an in-depth walkthrough on how to paint beautiful floral paintings that are full of color, sunlight, and expressive brushwork with fun and ease using the “T.C.U. Method.”

Pat will teach you a very specific method on how to achieve vibrant, clean colors and a luminous glow - and how to capture the beauty and essence of flowers effectively. She’s sharing how to depict dramatic light and shadow to make your floral paintings stand out.



Kathy Anderson: Bringing The Garden Indoors

Kathy Anderson is an artist renowned for her garden still life and floral paintings.

If you come alive when you see spring flowers, this video will help you master the art of painting the flowers you love.



Nancy Tankersley: Essential Painting Principles

In this video, Nancy teaches every type of painter — landscape, figure, portrait, plein air, you name it — that the best way to solidify and practice the essential painting principles you must have is to paint still life.



Stephanie Birdsall: Lemons and Leaves

Seeing the world by painting a still life, from life, is a turning point for hobbyists and experienced artists alike, opening a whole new world of exploration, beauty, and possibility.


John Michael Carter: Balcony with Roses

Take a lesson in painting from the Provence area of France while relaxing in the comfort of your painting studio or living room. Join John Michael Carter as he clearly, and at length, explains what draws him to a subject and how to concentrate on essential elements, while editing the scene to give it more impact.



Kyle Ma: Painting Roses

Kyle Ma offers a fresh perspective on painting florals, and we’re proud to partner with this up-and-coming and celebrated young artist. In this instructional video, you’ll see clearly how you can design and create a scene where it’s not just about the flowers.