Hazel Soan

Hazel Soan: The Essence of Watercolour

Video Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
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Hazel Soan introduces a series of watercolor painting lessons as she takes subjects ranging from flowers, apples, animals, and people and explains how to get the freshest, strongest, cleanest color in watercolor.

Her watercolor painting style is direct, with little preliminary drawing. Her casual approach makes learning this critical information fun and very rewarding.

Hazel encourages you to explore the properties of watercolor and gives an insight into the watercolor techniques that create successful paintings. Hazel focuses on the use of transparent and opaque watercolors, looking at the brilliance of pigments and transparency of color. Hazel demonstrates these characteristics by painting a charming crocus, some vibrant red apples and a wild elephant, explaining the effects that can be achieved from the different properties. With her watercolor painting tips, Hazel explains how to gain real control in wet-in-wet blending and draws your attention to the role of gravity.

While painting a group of leaves she reveals the versatility of the brush and encourages thoughtful brushstrokes. Painting backlit figures, Hazel looks at counter-change, emphasizing the value of tone and the suggestion of the third dimension through light and shade. Hazel Soan's instructional art video will help you to get to know your watercolors and give you the confidence to paint stunning work in this remarkable medium.