John Stobart

John Stobart: Worldscape II


Video Length: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
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John Stobart, renowned as the foremost living maritime artist, spent his boyhood in the English Midlands.

He traces his fascination for ships and the sea to a visit to Liverpool at the age of eight. Following four years of training in drawing and painting at Derby College of Art, he continued his studies at London's Royal Academy Schools, where he was influenced by two of the academy's former students, Constable and Turner.


During his student days, Stobart discovered the joys and benefits of painting outdoors and developed the conviction that painting from nature can be both a means to an end and an end in itself. He believes that onsite painting is key to preserving the artist's most important asset, the individuality of style.

Experience the joys of painting outdoors with John Stobart. Join John as he travels the globe, painting directly from life, sharing with the viewer the critical observations about culture, topography, and the ambiance of each site he selects. His completed painting captures the charm and beauty of each locale.