Johnnie Liliedahl: Drawing-2 for Painters

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Video Length: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes

#4 in the Illuminations Series!

Learn how basic shapes can further your understanding of all forms in nature, and how certain natural laws affect the values of any object, regardless of its local value or color.


Packed full of information and observations that every painter should know, Johnnie takes you through the myriad of concerns that every painter must address in any painting: viewpoint, unity and repetition, rhythm and variety, weight and contrast, positive and negative space, contour, value, line and key, The Golden Mean. There are even exercises for you to practice to enhance your imagination and to provide ideas for painting when you can think of no others.

This video is for the novice and experienced painter alike. Since its release, it has had rave reviews for its content and scope and will inspire you to try previously ignored subjects.

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