Joseph McGurl

Joseph McGurl: Advanced Landscape Painting

Video Length: 16 Hours

Here’s just some of what Joe covers in Advanced Landscape Painting

  • How to do an on-location outdoor “plein air” painting
  • How to upsize a small painting to a massive studio painting
  • How to create a proper underpainting
  • How to build up a painting, and where and when to use texture
  • How to use thin, subtle layers to give the painting depth and mood
  • How to paint realistic-looking trees and foliage
  • How to paint shimmering, lifelike water
  • How to paint the sky at dusk, right after sunset, to capture the subtle nuances of color
  • How to tie it all together in a composition that works


 Joseph’s landscape paintings are among the most highly regarded in the world and are sought out by collectors and museums alike because of their beauty and importance.

In spite of his fame and preeminence, Joseph remains humble and modest about his work. He equates himself to a novelist, one who is writing fiction based on fact. Never shy about exaggerating the details of a scene to convince a viewer, he knows exactly how to make every element appear as if it’s just the way nature offered it up … only better.

This is a RARE chance to study under one of the great landscape painters alive today.

Visiting Joseph McGurl’s studio is one of the experiences any artist would cherish, but to sit back and watch the inner workings of the processes, techniques, and philosophies of master artist Joseph McGurl is a rare opportunity that any artist would jump at the chance to experience and this video gives you that chance!

Along with Joseph’s extensive instruction, the video also includes a gallery of some of his work, a tour of his studio, and an interview conducted by magazine publisher, Eric Rhoads.

Becoming an advanced painter is the most effective way to get high prices and build a reputation as a prominent painter. And now you have the opportunity to advance your skills with award-winning artist Joseph McGurl.

Just imagine how becoming an advanced landscape painter could transform your life!

Joe completes this demo with oil paints, but acrylics can work as well-- use a retarding medium when adding texture to the water and when applying the glazes to be able to apply them before the acrylic dries.



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Susan Guise-Bagley
Joseph McGurl: Advanced Landscape Painting

I bought this video several years ago but have not yet watched it. It's a beautiful adventure through the eyes of Joe McGurl, from plein air painting to the stu...

richard m charbonneau
Great artist &instructor

I own two of Joe's videos and have enjoyed them and learned a great deal about his style and techniques

James Morin
Advanced landscape painting lesson from a true master

In this oustanding video lesson, Joseph McGurl takes you from the very beginning to the finishing touches. He leaves nothing out, from his underpainting techniques (with a few surprising
techniques I'd never seen before) to his finishing touches and everything in between, this is the entire process. This is a MUST for landscape painters!

Barry Applebaum
Buckle up!

If your serious and want to paint beautiful landscapes .. follow the best - Joseph McGurl

Myrna Walsh

I love it! I was so excited as I watched. He is so talented, and a very good teacher. I will buy all lessons that he offers.