Maureen Killaby

Maureen Killaby: Portrait Drawing Workshop - Children

Video Length: 1 Hour 11 Minutes
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Experience the joy of drawing children’s portraits with artist Maureen Killaby.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use the defining features of children including smooth skin, eyes, lips and hair to create a realistic graphite drawing. Along the way pick up pencil drawing techniques for blending and shading with a range of values.

Killaby starts the workshop with the outline of the face already on the paper and she will show you how to add details, lighten overly dark areas and clean up edges to make a three dimensional drawing. This workshop focuses on how to add volume to your face through realistic shading more than drawing concepts like proportion and placement. You will learn graphite techniques for blending, layering and erasing.
While Killaby doesn’t finish the entire drawing on camera, she does a great job explaining how to approach each of the model’s features and how they work together as a whole.

Please note: There are some parts of the cover photo that Killaby doesn’t address in her workshop including clothing, neck, background or most of the model’s hair or accessories. Features drawn to completion include forehead and cheek, eyebrow, some hair (but not in-depth), ears, nose, mouth, chin. She also does not do a stand-alone chapter on her materials specifically. She does, however, do a great job explaining exactly what tool (lead softness, blending tool, etc) she’s using while she’s working.

About Maureen Killaby
Maureen Killaby is a professional artist with a passion for art that started with oil glaze paintings, and a more recent gravitation toward pencil art, and colored pencil art. Maureen teaches in her studio and in workshops around the U.S.. Her instruction focuses on an Old Masters’ approach to classical drawing, but she also offers traditional drawing, figure drawing and painting classes in various media for adults and young adults.