Johnnie Liliedahl - 24 CD Combo Set - Liliedahl Art Video

Johnnie Liliedahl: 24 CD Combo Set




CD-1, The Shrine

CD-2, Floral Bouquet

CD-3, The Pitcher Girl

CD-4, The Story Book

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CD-5, Still-Life Projects, Vol. 1

CD-6, Still-Life Projects, Vol. 2

CD-7, Old World Landscapes, Vol. 1

CD-8, Old World Landscapes, Vol. 2

CD-9, Landscapes, Vol. 1

CD-10, Landscapes, Vol. 2

CD-11, Maiden Portraits

CD-12, The Grisaille

CD-13, The Awakening

CD-15, Pas Meche

CD-16, Sweet Summer

CD-18, Ophelia

CD-19, Windflowers

CD-20, Going to School

CD-21, Soldier's Return

CD-22, Alexandra

CD-23, Children by the Sea

CD-24, Floral Bouquet, Vol. 2

CD-25, Old World Maidens Vol. 1

CD-26, Old World Maidens Vol. 2


The many CD's by J. Liliedahl, both Art Lesson CD's and Masterpiece Project CD's, contain oil painting lessons that were developed to teach, develop and "hone" the craft of painting for developing artists. They are for use only on a computer and are NOT videos/DVDs.

They are intended to show the step-by-step progress of the demonstration painting, and to provide the associated comments during the process, as no video exists for these painting demonstrations and each artist believes that the CD is a valuable reference that shows both brushwork and overall progress, in slow motion, that would not otherwise be available.

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